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  • Trisha

    Wasn't Trisha on The Gregg Show? B/c people thought that she was fake b/c she talked really fast and wore alot of pink? She viewed herself as a Barbie? Even her family thought she was silly for acting the way she did and then she goes to become a superhero, come on now. I do think that she is a beautiful girl though, but she really needs to find her true self. I think this show is bogus. I could barely get through the whole thing. What has TV come to? New ideas please and Trisha you are a beautiful and talented girl but stop playing the stupid blonde role. You really need to become or act more educated. Stand up for yourself. You said it yourself on The Gregg Show that you wanted to be taken more seriously well honey this was not the way to go!!moreless
  • Trisha!

    Trisha Paytas charcter ms. Limelight was a whiney baby on the show Who wants to be a Superhero,she was also doubtfull she didn't beleive she could do any thing on the show. With her beautiful golden blonde hair she was Ms. Limelight ! Trisha got eliminated on the third or fourth elemination of Who wants to be a superhero. Trisha had a lovely costume on Who wants to be a superhero a greenish color. Trisha's is a young gorgeous 18 year old and she is very talented at what she does. Trisha Paytas 2007-2007 on Who wants to be a superhero.moreless