Trishelle Cannatella

Trishelle Cannatella


11/4/1979, Cutoff, Louisiana

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Trishelle Canatella


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Notoriously charming and beautiful, Trishelle was raised in a small, ultra-conservative town in the bayou of Louisiana. Her mother, a devout Christian, was a pillar of the community and took her family to church three or four times a week. When she was just 14, her mother died…more


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    • Trishelle: So I got dumped on reality television, it happens in everyday life, so I just happen to have had my moment documented for all to share. I wasn't going to watch certain episodes of my shows, but I figure I needed to, just to close some open doors.

    • Trishelle: I want to try out for Playmate actually. I talked to some of their photographers about doing some test shots.

    • Trishelle: My major was broadcast journalism in college, so I'd probably be sideline reporting for some local, crappy arena football league or something.

    • Trishelle: I would like to host a show, something like travel or cooking or something like that. Something I am really interested in, and so I'm pitching a couple of television shows.

    • Trishelle: I just adore Tammy Faye. I thought that she and I would clash, but she is so supportive and loving, like a mom. I have gone to her for advice, and she has never told me that she is too busy, or not interested in my problems.

    • Trishelle: I am Trishelle, from The Real World, and everyone knows my name. I get recognized at every bar and club that I step into. That's not a bad thing, but I am definitely a star.

  • This is a person with some serious issues

    I have been an avid watcher of Real world since season one. Trishelle really was not as bad as everyone made her out to be during her stay in Las Vegas. She obviously wanted to have something with Steven and no one else but all Steven manged to do was lead her on and string her along to suit his needs. Poor Trishelle. Although she is a slut she really didn't deserve to be used and abused and lied to by Steven. He was telling her that he loved her and then denying it. The girl was confused and impressionable. She is a very attractive looking young woman who need to find some inner strength and cofidence. Then she would be able to do well in life.moreless
  • Talk about desperatly trying to keep her 15 min!! What an idiot! I can't stand her. She's a complete loser! I wish she'd get off tv.

    Maybe she wouldn't be so bad if she wasnt such a b**ch! She does have a pretty face but her attitude ruins it all. She thinks its cool to be a b**ch but not too many people make it in Hollywood with that kind of attitude. Keep it up Trishelle! We'll see you in the next trashy strip bar taking dollars from sweaty drunk men..... Ha!!