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  • This is a person with some serious issues

    I have been an avid watcher of Real world since season one. Trishelle really was not as bad as everyone made her out to be during her stay in Las Vegas. She obviously wanted to have something with Steven and no one else but all Steven manged to do was lead her on and string her along to suit his needs. Poor Trishelle. Although she is a slut she really didn't deserve to be used and abused and lied to by Steven. He was telling her that he loved her and then denying it. The girl was confused and impressionable. She is a very attractive looking young woman who need to find some inner strength and cofidence. Then she would be able to do well in life.
  • Talk about desperatly trying to keep her 15 min!! What an idiot! I can't stand her. She's a complete loser! I wish she'd get off tv.

    Maybe she wouldn't be so bad if she wasnt such a b**ch! She does have a pretty face but her attitude ruins it all. She thinks its cool to be a b**ch but not too many people make it in Hollywood with that kind of attitude. Keep it up Trishelle! We'll see you in the next trashy strip bar taking dollars from sweaty drunk men..... Ha!!
  • Trishelle needs to go to rehab.

    Trishelle is weird and looks likes she is infected she needs to grow up and chill out. She seems like she thinks she is the hottest and the baddest chick in the whole world which the honest truth is she is not. It was funny that time when she was trying to step up to Coral and Coral just shut her down. I hope Trishelle gets serious help.
  • A reality "star" you love to hate, Trishelle ensures something interesting will happen.

    I don't want to sound mean, but Trishelle is an attention-seeking alcoholic slut. That being said, she has made a pretty good career out of it. You can expect her to hook up on every reality show she's on and act like a girl gone wild...including passing out in an alley later. She'll have you screaming at your television about how stupid she is, yet you won't be able to look away from this train wreck of a human being.

    As for having any real talent, I guess we'll all find that out when the movie Scorned is released. I know where I'm placing my bet.
  • I think Trishelle should have her own show.

    Trichelle, should have her own show. It should be about her own life. i also think the real world cast members should be in it also like as her friends. And her family should be in it to. it should ivolve what her life should be like after the real world was over.