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    • Trishelle: So I got dumped on reality television, it happens in everyday life, so I just happen to have had my moment documented for all to share. I wasn't going to watch certain episodes of my shows, but I figure I needed to, just to close some open doors.

    • Trishelle: I want to try out for Playmate actually. I talked to some of their photographers about doing some test shots.

    • Trishelle: My major was broadcast journalism in college, so I'd probably be sideline reporting for some local, crappy arena football league or something.

    • Trishelle: I would like to host a show, something like travel or cooking or something like that. Something I am really interested in, and so I'm pitching a couple of television shows.

    • Trishelle: I just adore Tammy Faye. I thought that she and I would clash, but she is so supportive and loving, like a mom. I have gone to her for advice, and she has never told me that she is too busy, or not interested in my problems.

    • Trishelle: I am Trishelle, from The Real World, and everyone knows my name. I get recognized at every bar and club that I step into. That's not a bad thing, but I am definitely a star.