Tristan Wilds





7/15/1989 , Staten Island, New York

Birth Name

Tristan Paul Mack Wilds




"A Rising Star" is what Essence Magazine calls him. Tristan Wilds made his first debut in the miniseries Miracle's Boys as a bully named A.J. He then met Julito McCullum and would later pair up on the groundbreaking HBO show, The Wire. There Tristan would popularize the character Michael Lee, a troubled teen in Baltimore trying to make life better by any means necessary. His character was such a hit that he would be a main character in the show's 5th and final season.

Although, it was hard for Tristan to end The Wire, he has still continued to follow his dream. His upcoming movie roles are Zachary Taylor in, The Secret Life of Bees, and Adrian in Indelible. But Tristan hasn't failed to come back to television screen. In fall of 2008, he will play Dixon Mills on the CW's 90210.