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    • Tristan Wilds: I'm singing a little bit, rapping a little bit, a little bit of everything. Writing, producing, everything. Just like The Wire, you guys gotta wait and see.

    • Tristan Wilds: (On his character in 90210) Dixon didn't have any parental influence around at all and went from group home to group home to group home. He got into a little trouble, and was adopted by Harry Wilson before they sent him to a juvenile detention center. Now he's coming from Kansas and moving to Beverly Hills, so he's brand-new to everything. He's a really nice guy. He's trying to be a smooth guy, a ladies' man.

    • Tristan Wilds: (About his character on 90210) Dixon Mills is coming from Kansas and moving to Beverly Hills, so he's brand new to everything here just like I'm brand new to everything. I feel the same way Dixon feels, sort of.

    • Tristan Wilds: (On how he landed a role on 90210) My manager called me and told me about 90210. I was a little skeptical about it, but I definitely wanted to show that I had a broader range than just Michael. Of course, when I went out for it, I found out that Dixon isn't really that much different than Michael. They both grew up with a really bad beginning - Dixon has been in and out of group homes his whole life, landed in Kansas, got into a little fight over something that got him in real trouble and that was going to send him to a juvenile detention center until the Wilsons came in and rescued him. They adopted him, so they saved him in a place where Michael really needed to be saved.

    • Tristan: (About his character in The Secret Life of Bees) It's about a girl trying to find her past, and her mother's past, because her past has been clouded with guilt -- something that she's done as a child. Zachary comes in as a breath of fresh air to show her that everything is going to be OK. He's a young black male. At the beginning of the story he's innocent, untouched by what's going on in society at the time, because, you've got to remember, it's the `60s. And he's just a genuinely sweet kid, with ambitions in the future to become a lawyer.

    • Tristan Wilds:(On how he landed a role on "The Wire") I was sent out to audition for Randy, so I went to [casting director] Alexa Fogel's office and it looked like it was going great. I had two or three callbacks, and then I met the producers, the director and Mr. [Robert F.] Chew, who played Prop Joe and was the acting coach on the set. They said I was too mature for Randy but then called me back to try a different role. They brought me to Baltimore and taught me about Michael's character in a day, and I guess I did OK.

    • Tristan Wilds:(On when he knew he wanted to be an actor) Since I was about...real young, like about four or five. I saw my older brother acting and I was always like, "You know what, I want to do that, too. I want to be on TV, Ma." So, it came from there.

    • Tristan Wilds:(When asked what his pet peeves are) Oh man, me and my friend were talking about this yesterday – girls with weaves and like flaunting it. Like, I understand if you're going to wear a, you can act like you're fly and all of that, but just don't flaunt...[jestures swinging flowing hair]. No, please, don't. That's irritating! [laughs].

    • Tristan Wilds: (On his favorite thing about Baltimore) The realness. You can't beat it. Everyone thinks it's so scary, like we are really chillin' with people like Marlo and Chris. That's not what it is though, there are so many great people out there.

    • Tristan Wilds: (On his future goals) I want to be an influence to everybody, not to just kids in America. I want to be an influence to everyone around the world– whether it's my music or my acting, my skills, what I do, my roles. I want people to learn from what I do and be influenced by it in some way.

    • Tristan Wilds: (On the increase of viewers on The Wire) It was the kids, I am not just saying because I was in it. Seeing the kids in this hostile environment like that really had an effect on the viewers. It isn't something you get to see on TV every night. For so many people and so many kids, their life isn't as hard as this life we portray. Last season you got to see why kids turn to selling drugs, you got to see the outcome of these kids' lives and why they ended up taking the path they took.

    • Tristan Wilds: (Commenting on lessons he learned in his role on The Wire) From being in Baltimore and on Staten Island, I've seen kids trying to play hard- and even kids who don't want to play hard, feeling like they have to be. Some kids just need a little belief inside of them that they can do something great.

    • Tristan Wilds: (Responding to a question about how he deals with attention, especially from girls) I used to be a geek, one of those kids on the couch doing his homework. The attention is breaking me out of my shell a bit.