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  • Latvian Girl

    Hey Troian;)I know you have a lot of your letter to the fans, and write it all down, but I much I would want to get you something just answer my am from the Latvian, and I am especially good nemaku write in English: D1) if you already tired of answering your fan letters?: O2) Do you like to play the role of Spencer?3) Do you crazy? :))4) Do you like YOLO?:d

    5) And ... Do you know a country such as Latvia?Thank you for the attention :) I gave Latvia are not too many PLL fans, but ... I also Nesma too big fane since coming over right now just going to do watch season 2. :)But I want you to know you're a very talented actress :) and I wish you good luck also in the future :))

    I look forward to your reply

    Uzredzanos Troian:*

    Love Luize

    FROM:LATVIA DATE:18.08.2013


  • great

    she is an awesome actress