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  • Awesome QB for the Cowboys and deserved more than 1 Super Bowl MVP award.

    I never really watched Troy Aikman play in the NFL in the 90's, cause I was real young and I wasn't into football much, but now since around 2005, I've gotten more interested in sports, and now since I've read up more on the history of Super Bowls and the NFL, I admire him. He was obviously a great quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, AKA: my favorite NFL team. He won three Super Bowl rings in the 90's in a span of four years, along with Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin. And now, he might be a little old to PLAY football, well really now if you look at him in person, he doesn't look that old. But anyways, now since he's retired from the NFL, he still continues with a football career being a commentator on the FOX Sports Network. (Football)