Troy Donahue





1/27/1936 , New York City, New York, USA



Birth Name

Merle Johnson Jr.




Troy Donahue is an Americana actor, born on January 27, 1936, in New York City, New York, who became a pop-idol during the 50s. Donahue studied journalism at Columbia University, but changed his career direction during mid-studies to pursue an acting career. He made his film debut in four consecutive uncredited roles in 1957. The performances made Donahue and instant heart-throb across America. His first major role in a feature film came in the 1958 surfer comedy, Summer Love. What followed were a number of beach films for the actor, until he landed a role as a sergeant in the war comedy, The Perfect Furlough. He made his television debut in 1958, playing an episode on The Californians. Donahue began to step away from comedic roles soon after, and he managed to land a major role in the motion picture, Monster on Campus. The actor continued working supporting roles in film in TV for the next four decades. Donahue played a small part in Francis-Ford Coppola's Godfather Part II, and he appeared on many popular prime-time shows.