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Trust Company (also known as TRUSTcompany or TRUST*CO) was an American alternative metal and grunge band from Alabama formed in 1997 under the name 41 Down, which was changed prior to the release of their first album after signing to Geffen Records. They changed their name to TRUSTcompany…more

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  • They had potential...

    I find it hard to believe that a band of such potential and high skills are as obscure and as unknown as they are.

    I mean, Trustcompany really is a talented, awesome band! With great vocalists and musicians stringing together the great songs that they have.

    I'm suprised that this band wasn't given a push after the WWE used "Downfall" and "Falling Apart" (two of Trustcompany's popular hits) as themes for WWE PPV's Vengeance (2002) and Royal Rumble (2003)

    But despite this, Trustcompany were a great band and very popular among those who'd heard them and I think it was unfortunate that the band broke up after not having that much sucess...moreless