Tsianina Joelson

Tsianina Joelson


1/16/1975, Coquille, Oregon, USA

Birth Name

Tsianina Marie Means



Also Known As

Tsianina Lohmann
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Tsianina graduated from Coquille High School in 1993. She was also crowned Miss Coos County (Oregon) in 1993. Tsianina was crowned Miss Fitness America 1997, and has numerous tv and movie appearances. Tsianina has won a world baton twirling championship, been a champion long jumper and placed fourth…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Tsianina's height is 5'8" (1.73m).

    • Tsianina was in a commercial for 1-800-CALL-ATT with Carrot Top in 2003.

    • When asked if there was anything she would have changed about her experience on the show Xena, she said her costume. Apparently it was even skimpier to begin with than what they actually used during filming, because she begged them to give her some more coverage. But by the end of her run on the show they had to make her a new costume because the first one had shrunk every time they washed it!

    • Tsianina dislocated her shoulder doing a staff fight with Lucy Lawless on Xena.

    • Tsianina's favorite fight scene that she was in is from the Xena episode "Path of Vengeance". She and Renee O'Connor both did the entire fight sequence themselves, with no stunt doubles.

    • Tsianina doesn't like watching herself on TV with other people around. She once had a little party to watch her guest starring role on CSI and instead of enjoying the party she felt embarrassed.

    • When asked what she would like to do if she wasn't an actress, Tsianina's reply was that she'd like to be a photographer. She'd like to own her own studio, and she says her favorite pictures are pictures of kids and scenic shots.

    • Tsianina's nickname is "Choo".

    • Tsianina wasn't trained to do stunt fights before she was cast as the Amazon Varia on Xena, but she had a background in athletics that gave her a leg up. She was a dancer as a girl, so for her learning the fight sequences were like learning dance routines. She was also a baton twirler. Lastly, her sister is a black belt in karate, so she was able to give Tsianina some pointers.

    • Tsianina credits her ability to appear as if she knows how to fight with a sword or a staff to her background as a baton twirler. "It really looks like I know what I'm doing!"

  • Quotes

    • Tsianina: (on meeting her fans) I don't know - it's kind of weird when someone's really excited to meet you, it's kind of a weird feeling. Kind of like I don't really understand why, cause if they knew me they wouldn't be that impressed. And then it's funny, like, Sarah that does my website, the first time she met me she was like freaking out and now she talks to me all the time and she's like 'yeah, now it's no big deal.' I was like 'thanks a lot, you were excited about me at one time and now I'm just Tsianina, it's no big deal'.

    • Tsianina: (referring to her role as Varia on "Xena") When I got the part, I was telling people about it, and they'd say, 'Oh my god, that's so cool...' because Xena is so popular in the States. All my friends back home are really excited, and I'm excited to be in New Zealand as well.

    • Tsianina: (on the Amazon costumes for "Xena") The costumes are great, but I think we must be someplace warm, because we're not wearing very much!

    • Tsianina: (on stunt fighting for "Xena") On the first day I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to look mean and angry when I had a fight scene. My big fear was that I was going to start smiling and cracking up. At the start, when they were about to beat me up, I was thinking, 'Aah -they're going to hit me!' with this big smile on my face. But I have three or four fight scenes in "Dangerous Prey", so I'm getting used to it now.