Tsugumi Ohba

Tsugumi Ohba


Tokyo, Japan

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Tsugumi Ohba is a mangaka from Tokyo, Japan, who wrote and created the anime and manga, Death Note. He is male. Tsugumi's hobby is to develops manga plots, day and night while holding his knees as he sits, similar to that of L, a character from Death Note.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Tsugumi Ohba is suspected to be actually Hiroshi Gamou. He leaves hints like the name of the cram school in Death Note is called "Gamou Seminar."

  • Quotes

    • Tsugumi Ohba: I started thinking that maybe it wouldn't be so bad to try something a little unusual, like this suspense story... specifically because it WASN'T battle-centric.

  • The creator of Death Note.

    This man is very talented he created Death Note what a man I can't believe there isn't much info on this guy on here I don't know much about him Death Note is the only series he made that I watched I don't know what other works this guy has done but I admire what this guy does and so because hardly anyone visits this guide except ShadowX_KidX(Forgot the correct spelling) who of course is trying to become editor for this man. I think this man is one the best creators in japan and so beacause of that I give him a 10.moreless