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  • This is the greatest rapper ever...

    2 Pac is easily my favorite rapper, ever. He's the greatest, basically. He's also a great actor, too. It's too bad he's dead...alot of people don't know who he is these days (especially kids). It's a shame they listen to artists like Soulja Boy & Lil' Wayne (although he used to be good, my last review for him came out wrong). Old school rap was the best, no doubt...anyways, my favorite 2Pac songs were "Hit Em Up", "Life Goes On", "Me Against the World", "Changes", "Dear Mama", & among others. I love his music. Even though he's still dead, his music is still in our hearts. Greatest Rapper EVER!
  • The One and Only.

    Tupac was the best rapper I have ever seen. He is the one who started most of all of the trends you see from rappers today.His lyrics and his style is what seperated him from all of the other rappers at his time.

    But perhaps his greatest feature was the fact he could make so many great songs in such a short amount of time that even today his music is still being released.

    There are some many of todays rappers who try to look like him and sound like him get tatoos like him. They just end up looking like pretenders to his throne there will always be copycats but there will only ever be one Tupac.
  • The Best rapper period.

    I wish pac was here, he was intelligent, he represented black change and the black movement of being better then the world they live in. His lyrics were something everyone should listen to, I don't no why pac was misunderstood and why some don't like him, all I know is that he was the best at what he was doing and he should of stayed around so everyone could see the change he would of made if he had more time here. A great artist that never got the chance to fix what everyone thought was wrong with him and its was so sad to see him go so young but his work and voice will forever live on.
  • Pac is the truth

    He was one of the most realest mc's in the game and he had respect for women so you have to acknowledge that especially in todays world where guys can't separate the two different kinds of women and he stood up for the things he felt where right and he told things like they were he wasn't afraid to be himself and his movies are classics from juice to above the rim he brought that fire that charm the whole nine If he was alive today he would have been larger than life he will always be one of my favorite rappers of all time
  • you he best and will be missed and loved by all your mom family and friends we all love you

    tupac we all love you and love your music even though you anit here you still hit us with all of your shocking music the changes the world you are a legond and forever will be on you help ever one though hard time in our live you my nig i miss and and cant wait to see you in heaven
  • Great artist, great actor, great poet case closed.

    His songs came from his heart I don't get why few people hate him when they don't even know him but he doesn't care like he says "Only God can Judge Me" My favorite songs by him are I Ain't Mad at Cha, Heartz of Men, Hit 'Em Up, Made N*ggaz, and Keep Ya Head Up. I believe he didn't do that rape whatever you want to call it. That girl lied and as usual I see white racists believe her because the man accussed is black. That is stupid man, This guy is the best rapper I hope you found my review helpful. I know 2Pac got shot 4 times and lost 20 ounces of blood. So if you want me to say who shot 2Pac well it's Suge Knight. I won't get in detail I'm just making it short and sweet.
  • the greates rapper of all time in the history of history he has truly live the thug life and his one of my favorite rappers today

    The best rapper in the history of rappers if he was alive today he\'ll rule all of these other rappers man cuz he is still considered world\'s greatest rapper of all time that\'s what i\'ll have to say and 50cent ain\'t got nothing on this man right here i really wish Pac was alive cuz he is cool and down to earth person it is still ashame to know is is gone but people you can help keep it alive with buying his new cd comming out and keep the 2Pac dream alive now because he is one of the greatest rappers of all time.
  • Excellent rapper but...

    Excellent rapper but... not 1 of my favourites. Alotta people say he was 'the greatest rapper of all times' but I disagree. I must admit he had some choons: 'Do 4 Love' and 'Changes'. These choons are the only reason why I really like him.

    Theres just one thing I hate: when people say hes still alive. Hes dead! Some people also say that hes hiding, like somewhere in Mexico.(yeah right!)

    Apart from this, I'd still say Biggie was better than him. I think he was much more talented, and I like more of his choons than Tupacs ie 'One More Chance'(remix), 'Juicy', 'Big Poppa' etc.

    R.I.P. anyways... :)
  • Exit Tupac : Enter Makaveli

    Tupac Shakur. What can we say on Tupac?

    Well first off, theres his music.
    We got "Hit em up", my favorite track, where you see a side to Tupac which makes you get in the mood to go out and start bustin cap's on fools. You know what I mean?
    It get's the blood pumpin, and alot of Tupac's tracks get you feelin' this way. It's just his way of music.
    Which I love and hope it doesn't ever die out.

    Now, We have his Acting.
    He was a great actor, no doubt about that.
    If it wasn't for his "death", I believe he would be one of the big Hollywood starts we see in movies today.
    See, because he is more or less, complete gangsta, it's very easy for him to act out his gangsta roles, which he seems to get alot of. See, since he get's roles as gangstas, and he is one. It's hard to tell whether or not he's even acting, you know.

    Well, Just to round it off, Tupac is perhaps the greatest music person of all time.

    Whether he's dead or not's up to you.
    All I gotta say is "Exit Tupac : Enter Makaveli".
  • He was'nt my favorite and idol but i like some of his music like my ambitionz as ridah i aint mad at cha and california love my favorite 2pac song those are the only songs i love about the later great rapper/actor tupac skakur if he didnt get shot

    2pac skakur should have been the most number 1 rapper alive if he had been shot 4 times to death and if he was alive right now he probably move to g-unit i use to love his music but now 50 cent making his legacy and living ungrateful hip hop hell of a time to himself nobody is not safe to listen to rock country rock ol school music ol school rap or gangsta rap or even the love for the r&b and hip hop 2pac was the most crazy rapper alive but i believe he could had another chance to change his life around but now he dead and still making some money i dont believe that negro still making some oh my god anyway tupac skakur aint a bad dude hes cool to my neighborhood but he still cool with me well sometimes when he not going too far with his music r.i.p. to the late great tupac skakur 1971-1996
  • TUPAC - The greatest rapper of all time.

    Ok Tupac Shakur has got to be one of the greatest and most influential rappers of all time.
    He was a great poet, rapper, actor and performer.
    I have a few of his albums and all of his films.
    I don't think any rapper is better than Tupac although some come close.
    The greatest Tupac song has got to be "Hit em' up"
    It's a clasic battle track which is one possible factor which lead to his "death"
    My favorite Tupac film is "Juice" Probably because it's about real life, not that the other ones aren't.
    I am the editor for Tupac and if your reading, Submit and post on this guide please, I want this guide to be as active as it can be, God bless TUPAC SHAKUR!
  • greatest rap /hip hop ARTIST of all time

    Tupac was a trend setter he rapped about true things going on in the world. If it wasnt for pac the world would probably be more screwed up. tupac made soem of my favorite songs hit em up califronia love 2 of amerikaas most wanted and me against the world to name a few. People say Tupac was murdered but if he was then why isnt there any evidence like there was for b.i.g. Most people believe pac staged his death because atleast they have evidence on that. I know pac is still out there somewhere WESTSIDE.
  • the greatest rapper of all time

    tupac is simple the greatest rapper of all time but the only thing i cant understand is how he keep releasing albums either way he is still the greatest rapper of all time i personanolly think he is still alive this rapper has went 5 times platinum and no rapper has ever beat that.
  • Tupac was not just original, he was one of the all-time greatest rappers.

    Tupac Amaru Shakur was truly handsome, sexy, ultra-talented, and charismatic. I am sure there is nothing he could not do once he set his mind to it- whether acting or not. He was truly one of a kind --an original-- and he will never be forgotten. He cannot be forgotten.