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  • Has been casted perfectly for everybody hates chris

    Has some movies coming up soon so will have to wait and see how his true acting skills work but in this show he plays his role to perfection. He is totally believeable as a geeky oldest brother in a hard working underclass family.Guess he was selected by chris rock who obviously knew what he wanted but he has worked out well. Great show!
  • Tyler James Williams is the greatest child star eva!

    My name is kiki of b-town, I think he is soooooo cute and sooooo talented and i want to know does he have a girlfriend? Lol
    i want to meet him.I think him and Tequan Richmond are the hottest guys in the universe and they need to be in BIG movies and get more credits. I am his #1 fan and i'm think he's the best. (Well next to my baby Tequan Richmond!lol)
  • Oh wait, he already has a show!=)

    Tyler Williams is a very talented young actor who is currently playing the hilarious Chris Rock. This role seems to be made for him. He even looks like Chris Rock!
    I'm glad Tyler has made it onto the small screen because there are so many child actors/actresses that have little to no talent, it's relieving to see one with real acting abilities.
  • tyler

    u are very cute and funny I've seen also intellegent i am one of ur biggest fans taylor u are a good actor i wish we could meet in person but u'v got to act and ur a star so u must be very busy so bye>3 lol