Tyler Johnston

Tyler Johnston


6/14/1987, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

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  • Dude! Talk abot hot! Not only is he a great actor, with , I think, the ability to go very very very far, but he is (as jim carrey would say)b-e-a-utiful!!moreless

    Ok. I admit, I was never one to become one of those people awaiting teusday nights or whenever just waiting for my cult show to come on, but supernatural got me!!! and just when i think it couldnt get any bettet, they bring out tyler jhonston! have you seen him?? hot!! very very hot! the eyes, the lips, i love his hair!!!! dont you??? im not one to obbsess (ok, yes i am) but he has entered my heart and does not apprea to be leaving antime soon. i hope that his is in another episode, because he got along great with Jensen Ackles (dean. who is also very very hot) and Jared Padalecki (sam). thats all, and im getting the fist season on dvd!! heh heh hehmoreless
  • I think that Tyler Johnston is a very talented acter. He could go far with his talent. He is also really hott to. ^_-.

    I think that Tyler is one of the best acters I have seen in my life. He has the skills, and the looks to be a great acter. I thik he was really brave to handl all sorts of bugs like he did in Supernatural. I could never even go near a spider... and he had to hold one.