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  • sons of Tucson

    Sons Of Tucson..... How is this show not still on What A GREAT GREAT show!!!!Tyler Labine plays this part to A tee!!!!!!!!!

    Loved " Sons Of Tucson" found it on Netflix, Cant belive A network hasnt picked it up yet!!!!! Its like Malcolm In The Middle.... only BETTER!!!! (and I liked Malcolm In The Middle)
  • Best actor on Reaper.

    He cant be the best character on Reaper, well because he obviously isnt as well portrayed as the lead. But he has to be the best actor.

    Tyler plays Sock, in the new show Reaper, which in my opinion has been a very very good show so far, and I will definately be tuned in next season ( cant wait ).

    Sock works alongside Sam, the lead, at a hardware store.

    Sock has to be the funniest guy in the whole show in my opinion ( hands down, nobody comes close ) , usually he is also the most energetic one too.

    Great actor, would watch other shows that he is in.
  • Tyler provides a very cool sidekick in Invasion.

    Tyler Labine's role as Dave Groves is a very cool role. Tyler plays it really well. His presence around the main actors create harmony on screen. His professional acting ability gives the character of Dave a comedic appearance. Sometimes, it provides a much needed comic relief in a middle of a very tense situation. When Tyler acts out his UFO conspiracy theorist tendencies, he does it so well that makes the role convincing and not silly. I love this character, it gives the ensemble a much needed funny moments whenever needed. Dave Groves will always be a character that's associated with Tyler Labine because he played it so well.
  • Super cool actor that always becomes one with the character he's playing.

    Used to love Breaker High when I was younger and it ran just when I got home from school. I think Tylers character Jimmy is plays a huge part of my love for that show. Then as I got older I kind of forgot about him, until I saw the dreadfully lousy show Dead Last. Even tough the show was painfull to see, I still watched it for as long as it was on the air, just becuse I had missed Tyler and the way he acts.
    Then he dissapered again for a few years.
    Finaly. Invasion. Not a great show, but still a show in witch he coul grow and show some of his potential. Am happy for him and I hope he will move on to a real quality show after Invasion.
  • I don't know why

    But I have a robbing the cradle Crush on this guy, there is something so cute about him, plus he is great as Dave on Invasion, cuaght him a movie the other day, and loved him there too, got to find more roles of his, I think he has a good career ahead of him, and hopefully it will include some more Invasion