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    • Tyler: (on his character Sock on "Reaper") I think this character is closest to my natural cadence and dialect. He means what he says and says what he means - I want to live my life that way.

    • Tyler: (on choosing between music and acting) It's funny because back in the day, you had to do all that. You had to dance, sing and act to be anybody in Tinseltown. Now, if you do all that, you're trying to capitalize on your fame and it's kind of cheesy.

    • Tyler: (on his character in "Breaker High") He's me! Loud and obnoxious, lots of bodily functions and sort of funny.

    • Tyler: There's always a clown that's crying on the inside. That doesn't sum me up, but there are definitely parts of me that are not like this, all the time. But, that's human nature. We all have ups and downs, just some are more extreme than others.

    • Tyler: My favorite thing to do, on any project I approach, is to play up the humor. I feel like there is no drama without humor and, vice versa, there's no humor without drama.

    • Tyler: (on shooting the pilot of "Reaper") We just had this completely free, collaborative environment, which is rare for a pilot because everything really needs to be painted by numbers.

    • Tyler: Zombie movies are only good anymore when you're winking at the audience going, "Oh, this is a zombie movie, so here come the zombies."

    • Tyler: I have been told that I'm a Jack Black, John Belushi type, which always pissed me off. I have been doing this since before I even knew who Jack Black was.

    • Tyler: Kevin Smith was, and is, my biggest man crush I've ever had in my life.

    • Tyler: Maybe someone doesn't like me as an actor, but that doesn't mean that we're fundamentally opposed as people. You really just have to decide not to let that affect you, and enjoy what you're doing. People are entitled to their opinion of what we're putting out there. It's art. We all look at art subjectively. That's the whole point of art.

    • Tyler: In any production I'm involved with, whether it be film or television, there's always a definite need for humor. In even the most staunch melodrama, the audience needs a break, and I like being that break.

    • Tyler: (on going back into comedy) This is where I was born from. This is where my roots are, being the jackass, the boob, the barnacle, whatever you want to call it.

    • Tyler: (talking about camaraderie among fighter pilots) We just all end up being friends. I can imagine that there'd be a certain parallel to that if you were fighting in a war away from home... bunch of young men up there everyday... kinda rock stars of the sky.

    • Tyler: (on being a character actor) I just think with the way I look and since I have a broad range I ended up becoming a character actor. But you start to really enjoy that, if you are successful. You get to charge out on almost every character. Doing one character for like seven years or whatever may get really boring.

    • Tyler: (on conspiracy theorists) If you give them a chance and really try to get into their space almost all of the conspiracies out there are plausible. They make such a convincing argument and they believe it so wholeheartedly.