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  • TTOW!

    Tyler was one of the two men known as "The Hippies" on the 2006 (9th season) version of The Amazing Race; this review is based on his appearance there.

    He and BJ, his friend, were great. They always met their challenges with a smile, and were friendly to everyone - the other racers as well as people on the streets. I think this paid off for them; it was their great attitude that got them out of tough places. There were two times when The Hippies were left with no money and no possessions, and their friendliness helped them. They graciously picked up a hitchhiker who helped pay for gas and got them some food when they were on their way to the airport in Oman. If BJ and Tyler had been other than what they are, that might not have happened, and they might have been eliminated. When BJ started to lose heart while digging in the hot sand in Oman, Tyler was there to cheer him on, and keep him going.

    But their personalities carried them, and made everyone like them. They should get their own show; it could be "The BJ and Tyler Sitcom" and see them travelling around the world with no money or possessions, and they'd have to beg for things. It would be great! I loved watching these two guys!moreless
  • He & His Buddy BJ should have their own show

    I just love the Hippies on the Amazing RAce Season Nine

    They have a positive attitude as well as just love life

    Wish more people were like that in real life

    They try to help other people though it may cost them

    It nearly cost them in the end

    But in last night's episode, it stripped them of everything except the clothes on their backs

    Glad to see he & BJ in the race!!