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  • Tyler Perry was born in New Orleans. He wrote many plays and movies such as, plays: Madea's Class Reunion, Madea's Family Reunion, Madea Goes to Jail, and so much more. Currently he has two tv shows on TBS House of Payne and Meet the Browns.

    This man is a genius with the entertainment! I really love his work with Meet the Browns and House Of Payne. I am not saying this because of my race. To all of the reviewers who said that his show is homophoic and not funny and any other negative comments about him I say leave him alone you all don't comedy besides you all are just jealous of what he does so stop hating. Tyler Perry is a real person on and off set. His shows are based on real life issues and they're funny. Unlike the current shows MTV,Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel; the characters are not only funny but they are what these other shows should is themselves. I also like Madea and Brown hilarious. Keep going and continue doing what you do Mr. Perry as a fan I expect even greater things from you in the near future.
  • Tyler Perry is the #1 favorite actors of all time.

    When I first saw Tyler Perry,he was Mabel "Madea" Simmons on stage plays like:I Can Do Bad By Myself, Family Reunion, Class Reunion, but he wasn't in the play Meet the Browns with David and Tamela Mann. A year later he portrayed himself as "Madea" in Madea Goes To Jail. He is still in the movie industry he directed and portrayed himself in movies like in the 2005 movie Diary of a Mad Black woman,a year later Family Reunion the Movie. In 2007 he write and direct the TV show called: Tyler Perry's House of Payne with Allen Payne as CJ. Months later he wrote and portrayed himself in the movie in Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married.I was an A+ movie of all time. This year he portrayeed himself as "Madea" and her brother "Uncle Joe" in Meet the Browns. Tyler is doing all the good work and accepting NAACP awards in his work he's doing in the past,present, and the future. Keep it up Tyler.
  • The New Spike Lee

    I enjoy all of Tyler Perry's plays,movies, and his television show House Of Payne. I like how he uses Love in all of his work. That's what the world needs today. so, when people talk about how tierd they get of him having the same story line all of the time they should examine themselves and their situations in life I guarantee that if more people lived by what he talks about in all of his works there is a message if you apply that to your daily life there is no limit to how many doors and oportunities would be open to you I would like to conclude the reason I feel he is the new spike Lee is because he has achieved the same amount of superstardom as Spike and his directing is incredible this man can achieve anything he shows you that although in life we may struggle sometimes but if we keep our head up as strong black men and women there is no limit to the things we can do he also teaches us to love others as well as oursleves Long Live Tyler P
  • he iz hilarious licious!

    He is so funny in his madea plays!He is sure not afraid of no POPO he will shoot you if u say he is a bad actor.Madea is so funny i fell down and laugh my head off and tears of joy came down.I hope he still does more plays and movies of madea cause whoo those are comedylicious movies.