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  • Mr Bash

    Reviewing my case and found out that tyra and i should really work together,may be give me a little cleaning at all will she get to understand i really need that job.
  • i need help i am only 13years old!

    Hi Tyra i am really happy to say that i have this feelings that theres ghost in my house when i was little my little brother started to sleep in my room where me and my sister sleeps he sleeps on the floor so at nights i am scared because i can hear thing calling my name so i sleept with my little brother on the floor, i waked up and my brother was looking at me in the dark i was trying to go and turn on the lights but he didn't let me then i pushed him away and turned on the light and he was asleep i was trying to wake him up but he didn't wake up i think he was possessed so i told him he said i swear it wasn't me. a white body a hole white i couldn't see anything but i white person coming out of my sisters body like it was her soul and turned off the lights, this happend before what happened to my sister i really need help i'm freaking out at nights and my family dosen't believe me . i think i need help from the psychic twins. i live in sweden.
  • I Like the psychic twin show and the shows that i watchedd so far

    I'm judith aguilar and i have to say that your show is educational to teens and adults and i'm a big fan of your show in fact, im a teens as well i'm 19 and engaged to be married.....I really would to come on the your show one of these days and i would really like to meet the psychic twins. your an awesome person and God Bless!:)
  • I love Tyra Banks! She is so amazing!

    Tyra Lynne Banks (born December 4, 1973) is an American supermodel, television personality, Emmy Award-winning talk show host, actress, and businessperson. She became famous first as a model in Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo, and New York, but television appearances were her commercial breakthrough. She is known best as hostess/judge of the reality television show America's Next Top Model since its 2003 debut, and is currently hosting her own Daytime Emmy Award- winning talk show, The Tyra Banks Show. Banks is one of four African Americans and seven women to have repeatedly ranked among the world's most influential people by Time magazine. She is so cool!
  • Hi tyra i just want you to know that i think you are a wonderfull model and the i love how you are and love youre personality and youre show... you are my role model for how i want to be in a future.

    Dear miss Tyra.

    Hi my name is Gabriela Barbosa Gonzalez i am 17 years old and you are my role model to be a great model. I love youre show America's Next Top Model i have watched it since i was 14 years old. and i abosolutly want to be a model im 5"5 and i weight 115 pounds and i some experience in the modeling industry , catwalk and mostly pictures. i know this has nothing to do with youre review but i thought you should know that modeling is in me and it is my pasion my only flaw is that i live so far away but i am willing to come to the audicions and try out to be in the next season when im 18. I just wish you could consider me and make me become into the model i know i could be. Thankyou miss banks
  • tyra i need help i dont feel good about myself

    dear tyra,
    ive been watching your t.v. shows when they come on and i really like them well i really need your help on something very important i just hope that you can help me it would be an honor if u would write back on this thing or write to me at savdecora@yahoo.com or on my myspace savdecora@yahoo.com plz tyra i really need your help... this is something that has to do with the show and me i just got done watching your show and it really inspired me that there is hope well i hope you get a change to read this.
    thanxx alot for reading this.
    from savannah marcus
  • Dear tyra i need HELP

    I have ance very bad tyra please help my write me bck please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Because i have people talkin about me and i dont like it.I want i need proactive but my mom can't afford it so what should i do?????I need help!!!!!!!!! I would show you a pic but i'm poor i dont have a web cam!!!!so do you think you can help me i think it would be nice for me to come on your show and show everyone what you can do Tyra i love your show!!!!!!!!!!!So can you write me back,I would love to hear from you ok
  • This is for Tyra Banks. I need your help if you can help me please. I don't know how I got to this site but I was watching your show and you said you write back. My name is Joe and I need some type of help b4 my life gets wrose then what it is.

    Please email me at djmiguel21@yahoo.com I really need your help. I don't know what to do. My life is falling apart and I need some help but at the same time there are a few things in my life that are ok. Please if you can try and help me Tyra Banks.
  • Tyra's great reporters back off

    My name is Sonya i'm 26 years old and i live in New Zealand. I've had enough of people dissing beautiful people like Tyra she's gorgeous, talented, and kind wot more do these air head reporters want. You don't need to be a twig to be attractive. Tyra looked beautiful in those photos as she always does. It's easy to make someone look bad thou isn't it. People need to back off and let celebs have a life to. I personally would rather be fat and happy than skinny and hungry. These reporters are trying so hard to make her look bad however THINK people! 5'10" and 73kg she's not fat. Think your great Tyra best of luck with whateva you decide to do in the future. I'll always support you as it's nice to see real women on tv.
  • i loveeeeee herrrr...!!!!

    i love this woman.. i mean who doesn't?? she's kind and sweet and oh so fierced... she is one of the few woman in showbiz today who I think is really true to herself.. i love her honesty, everytime i watch her show (the Tyra Banks show I mean) you can just tell that her concern for her guess are real unlike other talk show hosts..

    and her other show, America's next top model, the only thing i can say is WOW!! it is reality TV in it's best.. you'll have drama and reality all in one.. she is one intelligent woman..! she's an inspiration!
  • Very kind woman!

    I was never a big fan of Tyra Banks. Recetly I have had the opportunity to watch her show in the mornings and I am hooked. She is really kind and generous. I see that she isn't stuck on herself at all. I think she is so down to earth and caring for so many others. She doesn't come off and a stuck up rich woman. Yes she has money, but she seems like a really compassionate person. She likes to have fun on her show, help others in serious trouble and help all of us who can't get organized. I love the show and I will continue to watch it every morning.
  • Oh I love you Miss Thing! You're so fierce! FIEEEEEEERCE!!!!!

    Oh I love you Miss Thing! You're so fierce! FIEEEEEEERCE!!!!! I absolutely love Miss Thing like so much I so much love her like talk about major talent. And she has a golden heart she inspires people and she's just so lovely and she and her co-producer Ken Mok make Top Model a something that is like pow!
  • This ex-model still have the looks and ways of a model. She is beautiful inside and out. She is also a great role model for all teens and young women.

    I absolutely loooooove her. I mean I really look up to her. She is not thin, but she used to be a model. She is the epitome of a great role model. She is a perfect example that all models aren't thin. That's a good thing because it also gives little girls the impression than you don't have to be thin to be beautiful. I also like how she admits that she has flaws and is not afraid to show her body. I also like how she directly made a comeback when the tabloids attacked her. Which really shouldn't have been made in the first place. Those critics didn't have to say the things they said. No matter what the tabloids say she is still a role model to me, thin or not.
  • She is one of the most talented and beautiful models out there.

    Tyra Banks is my role model. She is beautiful, funny, kind, and caring. Even though she sounds like one of the typical stupid anorexic or bulumic models, she is not. She has a normal body weight, has a curvy figure, she is not anorexic. She sets the trend for healthy models. All models should look to her for advice. I love to watch America's Next Top Model. She always gives out good tips to the contestants, and I pay attention, because someday I want to be a plus-sized model. I also love the Tyra Banks show. She gives out excellent advice on that show as well. She is funny and serious at times too. Overall, Tyra Banks ia an excellent person.
  • Very pretty, talented, fun, and unique individual despite being a total airhead at times. :P

    First off, Tyra Banks is one of my favorite celebrities... and that's saying alot since I'm not big on celebrities anyways. But I've made an exception for her and a few others. I'll keep this short.

    Tyra seems like a real down to earth kinda girl who isn't afraid of looking a little crazy on her shows. I love both of her shows (America's Next Top Model & the Tyra Banks Show). She just has a very outgoing, fun, and cheery personality, and tries to help others. She is a very successful woman, model, and TV personality. Even with all of her success, she still goes to Walmart, Target, and other places regular people go. She didn't let fame go to her head, and she's just a real person.
  • Miss Tyra is one of a kind, a true original in her now expanding field. Its my first visit here, on the show tonight one of the models mentioned having psoriasis. My body is covered with psoriasis, Im desperate to know what treatment the model had, help?

    Im a true fan of Miss Tyra, and I haven\'t missed a show to date. Surprisingly enough I wouldn\'t normally consider this the type of show Id watch. But every episode is full of unique situation\'s and true emotion\'s. I have a new appreciation for model\'s and all they go through that I didn\'t have before. Miss Tyra\'s geniune personality just shine\'s through and her judges are individually all fabulous in their own way\'s. This show is a 10 in my book!
  • This woman is phenomenal and she's only at her peak.

    Tyra Banks is inspiring, influential, she is charming, gorgeous, good spirited, down to earth and fun. I feel that Tyra Banks is a good role model for aspiring models and young girls everywhere. She has took the modeling industry by storm and she didn't stop there, she became the host of a cleverly plotted reality series, entitled: "America's Next Top Model" and she surprised everyone when she decided to become a talk show host, self entitled: "The Tyra Banks Show". She has continued to give us hope and she is living proof that the sky is the limit. I am looking forward to seeing more of Tyra Banks. Don't underestimate this woman on a mission.
  • Tyra Banks is very beautiful and very talented, a rare combination. Not only is she a supermodel she acts sings writes produces she also has her own business, talkshow and reality series. What can't she do? She is also a big inspiration for African women.

    Tyra Banks is very beautiful and very talented, a rare combination. Not only is she a supermodel she acts sings writes produces she also has her own business, talkshow and reality series. What can\'t she do? She is also a big inspiration for African women. I love Tyra Banks because she shows that its not only important to be beautiful, but you have to have a brain too! More importantly, she is good person, which should really matter the most. I think Tyra is a little under-rated, people who have done what she has deserve more fame, but I\'m happy that she's humble and nice.
  • Pretty Tyra is Awesome!

    Tyra Banks is one of my favorite models ever! I love her style and the way she presents her confidence on both the screen and her photo shoots. Her experience has been a tough one, but she is inspirational in the way she has overcome her past of suffering and has learned from it. She has come back a stronger woman and full of ideas and dreams that she is fulfilling. I loved the Disney movie she did "Life Size" she was the perfect barbie doll! Tyra deserves a lot of credit for everything she is and what made her. Keep it up babe!
  • Love her!! :]

    Where can I even begin with Tyra Banks?! Gosh I love her so much! She's so gorgeous and beautiful to begin with. She's an amazing model. I love watching America's Next Top Model with her on there. Another thing, she's hilarious. This girl absolutely cracks me up. ha ha! She's also a great actress. I loved her on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And she's such a good host of her own show. She's so down to earth and definitely not stuck up (like a lot of celebs. ) Tyra Banks is for sure one of my idols. I just love her so much. ha ha. :]
  • All into one

    It seems that nothing can be a too great challenge for this beautiful and talented girl. Tyra is one of the coolest example that beauty and brains can get along, no matter what other people say. Who would have thought that the hottie charming the catwalk in Milan and Tokyo, will snatch an Emmy for a talk show? And yet she did it with The Tyra Banks Show.

    Even though she appeared on TV shows as a secondary character, like on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and "Felicity", she still was able to add the needed salt and pepper. I am very glad that she continues her career and she is more than just a gorgeous model.

    Tyra Banks is AWESOME! She is so pretty (natural beauty) and she`s so down to earth. In her show, (the Tyra banks show) she is so involved with her audience. She is a really good model, with exoctic ideas and looks. I don` t know if she`s still modeling, but i think no matter what size she is, she`s still pretty. She gained some weight, but what`s the big deal?? I`d rather be big than skinny. She`s great actress, supermodel, and talkshow host. People should consider watching some of her shows/movies. (Life size, the Tyra Banks Show, America`s Next Top Model ect.)
  • Since I am from Ireland, America\'s next top model is not shown here but I watched it on-line and I thought it was fabulous, interesting, inspiring and heartwarming! Top notch entertainment and very imformative of what goes on in the fashion world.

    I love America\'s Next Top Model and in particular Tyra Banks, I think she is brillant, an excellent host who is funny, informative, caring and intelligent. She tells the truth to her model contestants and doesn\'t be too mean or derogatory towards them. She is very good at sizing up each person on the show and nobody is going to fool her with an act or any fakeness. When she is directing a photo shoot or taking the photos herself she is excellent at getting the best out of the girls and encouraging them to do their very best.

    I am from Ireland and I watch the show on the internet as it is not available here in Ireland, I love every cycle. They are fantastic prizes that are at stake and bonus prizes every week for the contestant who wins the challenge. I would love to be on the show myself but I don\'t have a model figure at all!! It would have to definitely be a PLUS size model which incidentally I would like to see a Plus size model win for a change, it would be nice to see, there weren\'t too many plus size model contestants on the shows over the cycles and that is a pity, I think they probably don\'t have the confidence to try out as they think there is no chance to be a model if you are not very thin. Maybe things will change in the fashion world and it won\'t be so monotypical or sterotyped into being the very thin, high-cheekboned models that are on the catwalks..here\'s hoping.

    Anyway I will continue to watch the shows on line and I have seen them all from Cycle 1 as far as Cycle 7, I presume that there is a Cycle 8 but as yet it is not available on line as perhaps it is only being shown in USA at the moment.

    Thanks to all who take part in this show and to all the judges and Tyra Banks especially as it has been great fun watching and I have learned alot more about fashion, photography and how models become top models. Much love from Ireland!!!

    Joanne Muldowney xxx
  • Model. Actress. Beauty. Brains. She's the full package.

    What can I NOT say about Tyra Banks? She looks absolutely wonderful in each of her pictures and she's very successful. I've been tracking her career since forever and she's made a huge improvement. The girl with big dreams is now living them. One dream left to be lived in is to be a mom. And a great one she'll be.
    Tyra Banks has her own TV show created by herself, called America's Next Top Model. America's Next Top Model features 10 girls chosen to compete for a modelling contract and a spread in a high-end magazine. What I love about this show is her hosting ability and the fact that she truly cares about each girl and talks to them one-on-one in each season.
    Tyra also has her own talk show. I enjoy watching it because she always make me laugh. She seems to understand the difficulties that mose women and men have to overcome in life and exploits each difficulty. I liked how she put on a fat suit to see how overweight people in today's society are treated. I also enjoyed the episode where she took charge of the fact that the media thought she had fake breats.
    Tyra is a powerful, outspoken young woman who is a personal favorite of mine. She's got beauty. She's got brains. And she's got talent. She is dropdead gorgeous and her acting is believeable. She takes roles to heart, and she takes her job to heart. By looking at her pictures and seeing the way she hosts ANTM you can clearly see that she has a passion for modelling that she shares with the world, in each of her photos.
  • A talented women.

    Tyra Banks is one amazing person. She has made many contributions in the world, from t.v, movies, to having her own talk shows. On the Tyra Banks show she is so down to earth and she makes you feel like you have known her your whole life. I love America's Next Top Model, she doesn't make anyone feel like she isn't good enought even when they are getting cut. Tyra is very insperational to me and I know she probably is to other people, she makes you feel like if you really set you mid to something you can do it.
  • Not just pretty but smart too...

    Tyra Banks is amazing.

    We're not talking about her looks here. Everybody knows that. What I'm talking about is how she's able to position herself as more than just another pretty/international supermodel. When a model's career peaks, it's usually all downhill from there. Not Tyra. By being able to be the host of America's Next Top Model, she proves that she not only is pretty but smart too. By being able to hang in the industry for so long when most would have fizzled and died, that's truly impressive.

    She isn't just abusing our natural gifts, she's using them to their full potential. Talent + Hard Work + Dash of Luck = Success = Tyra Banks
  • Tyra Banks (model/host/actress)

    tyra banks is a multi-talented women. you can diss her all you want but she never has to work again, that's how famous she is. not only is she beautiful, but she works hard for her money, and is a common house hold name. she really is a top model. she most likely will be around for a long, long time, and never sell out. come on, you can't say you don't love her. she has really made a great life for herself, even though she is only thirty- four. i admire her talent and her beauty as well. rock on, tyra!
  • hey tyra it me jebbeh but u can call me fatu and yea i always watch your show and today i saw the beyonce part and it was great and about the house of dereon sorry if i spelled that wrong lol

    so how am i suppose to get the bag so any ways just to let u know if i dont get one i am still a big fan i am a big fan and i always will i always try to come to the show but i never have time because i have twins to take care off so it will be nice for u to have me on your show lol so also i am 20 years old and i was born in liberia oo and i reallly like the show so keep it up plz love u TB
  • The only model i know that is this famous.

    Girl can act, model, and can sing a little bit. She was on a disney movie called well i can't remember. Well in the movie she stared with linsay lohan. Her model is opera and i think sometimes she just want to be just like her which i don't see the point but she does. Has two shows right now in the morning and one at night. Next top model comes on wedendays and tyra banks show comes on everyday in the morning. She has a huge fan base you can tell by all the people be in the audience. I feel sometimes she acts a little too fake.
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