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  • Hi tyra i just want you to know that i think you are a wonderfull model and the i love how you are and love youre personality and youre show... you are my role model for how i want to be in a future.

    Dear miss Tyra.

    Hi my name is Gabriela Barbosa Gonzalez i am 17 years old and you are my role model to be a great model. I love youre show America's Next Top Model i have watched it since i was 14 years old. and i abosolutly want to be a model im 5"5 and i weight 115 pounds and i some experience in the modeling industry , catwalk and mostly pictures. i know this has nothing to do with youre review but i thought you should know that modeling is in me and it is my pasion my only flaw is that i live so far away but i am willing to come to the audicions and try out to be in the next season when im 18. I just wish you could consider me and make me become into the model i know i could be. Thankyou miss banks