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  • i need help i am only 13years old!

    Hi Tyra i am really happy to say that i have this feelings that theres ghost in my house when i was little my little brother started to sleep in my room where me and my sister sleeps he sleeps on the floor so at nights i am scared because i can hear thing calling my name so i sleept with my little brother on the floor, i waked up and my brother was looking at me in the dark i was trying to go and turn on the lights but he didn't let me then i pushed him away and turned on the light and he was asleep i was trying to wake him up but he didn't wake up i think he was possessed so i told him he said i swear it wasn't me. a white body a hole white i couldn't see anything but i white person coming out of my sisters body like it was her soul and turned off the lights, this happend before what happened to my sister i really need help i'm freaking out at nights and my family dosen't believe me . i think i need help from the psychic twins. i live in sweden.