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  • It basically entails basic information on the talented musician Tyson Ritter and some unknown facts.

    Tyson Ritter is truly a remarkable person who has made many contributions in the world of alternative and punk/pop rock music. Although the biography given doesn't give much information on Tyson Ritter he has done a lot to improve the world of music. Tyson is one of the founders of The All-American Rejects and was recently on the Tournado Tour promoting his Sophomore album "Move Along", which by the way has gone Platinum up to five times. Tyson is now currently the Frontman, Lead singer and Bassist for the band, which includes Nick Wheeler, Mike Kennerty and Chris Gaylor. Along with his musical accomplishments, he has also changed the world of fashion by introducing his clothing line called "Butter the Clothes." He openly promotes this clothing line by wearing the designs while playing/singing in concert. These designs (such as a hand holding an intricately designed sword) have proven to be very attractive to younger people of today and have been shown to be profitable. I would definitely rate Tyson Ritter a ten out of ten, for being a talented musician and overall person.