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  • Trivia

    • Ulrika has written her autobiography, which is titled Honest.

    • Ulrika has several tattoos. She has a group of three crowns on her ankle and a red devil on her backside.

    • In May 2005 Ulrika Jonsson ran in a 5 mile race for charity. The beneficiaries were the child victims of the Asian tsunami. She ran along with her training partner and fitness instructor Jenny Dawes. Ulrika finished the race after about 40 minutes.

    • It was thought that Ulrika would go far in the reality show Dancing On Ice because she had a good deal of experience skating as a girl in Sweden, but she came in ninth place.

    • In 2002, Ulrika was the hostess of the UK reality TV show Mr Right, which had an eligible bachelor choosing between a group of beautiful, accomplished women. However, the show had a real surprise ending when Ulrika and the bachelor Lance Gerrard-Wright announced that they were getting married. They wed in August, 2003 and divorced in 2006.

    • Ulrika has three children, each with a different father. In 1994 she had a boy with husband John Turnbull named Cameron Oskar George Turnbull. In 2000 she had a daughter named Bo Eva Coeur Jonsson with Markus Kempen. In 2004 she had another daughter Daughter Martha Sky Hope Gerrard-Wright with her second husband Lance Gerrard- Wright. In October 2007, she confirmed that she was pregnant with her fourth child whose father is her latest fiance, American advertising executive Brian Monet.

    • Ulrika is 5'7", with blond hair and blue eyes.

    • Ulrika is allergic to wheat.

    • In 2003 Ulrika began writing a column for the News of the World newspaper, but in September of 2007 she was replaced by former Sunday Mirror journalist Carole Malone.

    • Ulrika has admitted publicly that she is addicted to sex. She even did a documentary for Channel 4 Ulrika: Am I A Sex Addict? which was broadcast on March 20, 2007. The show told of Jonsson's own journey to discover the truth about sex addiction in herself and others.

    • At one time, the Swedish television network TV3 asked Ulrika to be the hostess of their telecast of the Miss Sweden beauty pageant, but she decided not to take their offer.

    • Ulrika had a relationship with one of her Gladiators co-stars, James Crossley (Hunter).

    • In 1975, Ulrika's parents were divorced. At that time she was eight years old. She lived with her father after the marriage was dissolved, moving to England along with him at age twelve.

    • Ulrika is fluent in Swedish, English, French, and German.

    • Ulrika once hosted the British Sausage Awards as admitted on the BBC show Would I Lie To You?

  • Quotes

    • Ulrika: The public arena is no place to seek respect, understanding or approval. It just ain't going to happen. Seek that from your loved ones- they'll give it by the bucket-load.

    • Ulrika: Agreeing to become a columnist for the News of the World was tantamount to accepting an invitation to sleep with the enemy... I believe I've been the subject of the front page myself a few times. But it turned out to be a wonderful experience.

    • Ulrika: (speaking on domestic violence at a rally) 25% of women have been victims of domestic violence - and I'm one of them.