Uncle Kracker

Uncle Kracker


11/9/1974, Mount Clemens, Michigan

Birth Name

Matt Shafer



Also Known As

Matt Shafer
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    • Uncle Kracker: It's funny; when I first started I was supposed to be a rapper. Now I'm a "songwriter"! I almost don't have the desire to rap anymore; I don't know why, because I do love it so much, but this time around it was gone for me, I guess.

    • Uncle Kracker: When I started out, I didn't know what the hell was going on. Now it's kind of like I found a market. I found a niche.

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    I think uncle kracker should have a show. I have to say no stranger to shame is a very good song and drift away. But the first song i ever heard from uncle kracker was folow me. back when i was like 6 i herd it on the radio. i fell in love with it. some resons:1 he's most likly funny. 2 he has a great voice. i dont know if you could use that in a tv show but whatever. I cant think of a third reson so theres only two. These are the resons why he should make or be in a tv show.moreless