Uri Geller

Uri Geller


12/20/1946, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Uri Geller is the world's most investigated and celebrated paranormalist. Famous around the globe for his supposed mind-bending psychic powers, he has led a unique life shrouded in debate and mystery. He is also related to Sigmund Freud. He was studied by scientists who worked with Albert Einstein…more


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    • Uri Geller: I was about five years old when I was eating soup in our kitchen, and as I was lifting the spoon towards my mouth, it bent and broke in half.

    • Uri Geller: I've seen lights in the sky, I've seen UFOs, I've even seen something on the ground that I can't explain, but I've never actually seen a being. I wish I had.

    • Uri Geller: Big rock bands like R.E.M., Incubus, sing about Uri Geller. So there's kind of a mystification around the things I do. So, if you asked me today: 'Uri, what do you do? Is it real?' Let me put it this way, is it an illusion? Is it real? Or is it beyond belief? And I turn to you and I say: 'You make up your mind. I would rather stay a mystery.'

    • Uri Geller: The best part of being a vegan is the purity and peace of mind one experiences and the strong connection I feel to the animal kingdom.

    • Uri Geller: I believe in past lives but I know nothing about mine and I don't want to know. I live in the present, taking one day at a time.

    • Uri Geller: I was sued by a woman who claimed that she became pregnant because she watched me on television and I bent her contraceptive coil.

    • Uri Geller: Look, from the first day that I came on the scene, I immediately became controversial. There are people that do not believe in paranormal powers.

  • He is amazing!

    One of the best psychokinetics I have ever seen,I have visited his site and he told me how to bend spoons and he seriously told me every sep and detail he is so awesome!I remember he was on a talk show and told every one to get a spoon and well I did and the spoon actually bent that was the most exciting time in my life.Seriously check this guy out he is amazing!moreless
  • He is outstanding with his psychokinetic abilities!He is one of my favorites as you can tell by my name.

    Uri is one of my favorite psychic friends.He will not only talk to you by e-mail but will even give you a phone number to talk with him,now thats what i call a true star dedicated to his fans!I have seen him on Most Haaunted and he was great.I recommend you visit this mans website.