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Ursula Burton


Washington DC, USA

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Ursula Burton was born in Washington DC and was raised in Buffalo, New York. She earned her degrees in Theater Studies and English Language and Literature from Yale University where she graduated with honors.
She directed stage shows during college and continued to do so after graduation. She…more


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    • Ursula: What's most important is working on something that I'm passionate about, because the fact is, I'll be working on it for years, regardless of how it does in the marketplace.

    • Ursula: When one works as an actor, one has very little control over the final product. What is so wonderful about sometimes being in front and sometimes being behind is that it fulfills two different sides of one's personality and you can let go of the control when you don't have it, and you can enjoy being able to make decisions when you are in that position.

    • Ursula: I love ceremony and think it's truly moving when two people decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

    • Ursula: My mother is a writer and my father was a jazz musician before he became a professor, so the arts were highly valued in my family. It may sound strange, but becoming an actor somehow seemed inevitable to me.

    • Ursula: (on tackling gender-switching at a wedding in "The Happiest Day of His Life") I am very interested in gender roles and how films reinforce our expectations, particularly in traditional social ceremonies like weddings. I wanted to create a world where an audience could look at what they've seen a million times with new eyes.

    • Ursula: When you are a creative person, it is exciting to work different "muscles."

    • Ursula: (on working with her sisters) I can't imagine working with more talented, passionate, hard working people. My sisters are excellent business partners. Each of us contributes specific skills, while we share the ultimate goal of creating something we are proud of.

    • Ursula: (advice for aspiring actors and directors) There is no point in spending one's life miserable and bitter, so try to live a well-rounded, full life, try to create opportunities for yourself, and enjoy the work when you get it.

    • Ursula: Many of our traditions are so ingrained that it is hard to assess which parts really reflect what we value and which parts are just habit.

    • Ursula: Film is such a collaborative medium that there are always compromises and adjustments - some are disappointments and some are unexpected pleasures - but over-all, as the actor, you are a piece of the puzzle, as the director, you are the final word. Both jobs present exciting challenges.

    • Ursula: (on the cast of "The Office") The cast is eclectic -- all with different backgrounds and performance styles -- and they made me feel really welcome. I have to admit, I am amazed that on such a hit show the cast and crew are so warm.

    • Ursula: (on breastfeeding in public) I have fed a baby in public and I have no issues with that at all but, but as much as possible, I would do it in a way that would not make people feel uncomfortable.