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  • He is a great singer

    I think Usher Raymond IV is a great singer. I like a lot of his songs and he has a nice voice. Some of his songs that I like are My Boo, Confessions, Same Girl, and Yeah! I have his Confessions CD. I haven't seen any of his movies so I can't rate his acting, but I bet he is decent. I think he has more success as a singer than an actor anyways. Him and Tameka Foster and a baby boy named Usher V on November 26, 2007. Although I do think him and Alicia Keys make a cuter couple, I'm still happy for them.
  • great

    Usher is a great singer. He has a really good voice! I love his music. His songs U got It Bad, Confessions, Caught Up, I Can't Win, Burn, Yeah!, and a lot of his pther songs! Usher has such a great voice. He can dance really good too! He has really good dance moves. I wonder who would win if Usher, Chris Brown, and Omarion had a lil dance off battle. That would be a tough choice. All three of them dance really well. Usher is the co-owner of the Cleveland Cavaleirs NBA besketball team. He is really rich to afford a part of that. He is a very successful artist.
  • Great Singer

    I think Usher Raymond IV is a great singer. I like a lot of his songs and he has a nice voice. Some of his songs that I like are My Boo, Confessions, Same Girl, and Yeah! I want to buy his ablums..! I have not seen Usher act yet, because I have never seen any of his movies, hopefully I will soon. I am guessing that he is a better singer than actor though. Well, I think Usher is awesome, I would love to hear his sing more because he has a great great voice. All in all I really like him and cant wait until I buy his ablums and watch a movie that he is in.
  • Talented, alittle cocky with it but talented and I enjoy his music.

    Usher is another amazing man, that puts his all in his work and gives you a hundred percent of hisself and I enjoy the music he makes, I enjoy watching him perform, he can dance his behind off. I just think he is cocky with it alittle and you can't fully put yourself in his shoes when you hear his song because when I hear other artist songs you can feel where they are coming from and put yourself in there position as if you wrote the song but for usher he has alittle attitude up and you can't really understand where's he is coming from but he still does his thing and makes hits.
  • he can sing and boy he can dance and as a bonus he is totally hot. id be his boo any day any time!!!

    HE can sine and is totally hott so im writing a rewiew for usher raymond. on my scale to 1-10 he is a 100. i think his best quality is that he can dance till there is no tomorrow and when he was on muchmusic he was so hott. i also have his one and only celebrity credit card, (my parents finally got me) and i dont want to use it and mess up his totally perfect face. and his abs, how does he get those abs, i mean they are like carved out of sotne and soo H O T T T T so that is all i can say that he is hott and talented, and thats more than i can say about mose people
  • empty

    Usher is actually a pretty good actor, especially given the fact that his main genre of entertainment is singing and dancing. In each of his roles, he seems to bring a freshness to the film, which really makes the movie funny or just "pop."
  • He's got loads of talent and I absolutely love his music....he's totally hot too, shame his personality doesn't seem to compliment his good looks.

    I absolutely love Usher's music, I have all of his albums and could happily sit down for hours watching his music videos and listening to him sing....and for that i'd rate him a 10 but his personality isn't so hot. I might be in a minority but from what i've seen of his personality he comes across as pretty self-absorbed and vain. I mean, he's got talent but he does seem to think he IS 'all that' and he isn't even though his music is great. He needs to be more humble!
    I could be wrong but i've seen quite a lot of his appearances/interviews etc. and that's how he comes across in my personal opinion. I'll always buy his music because he has so much talent for singing, writing and dancing...but if he was a little less 'me me me' then maybe that'd be better for him...he's great otherwise lol.
  • hottie of the month!

    i like usher.he can sing and dance.he is one of the best dancers of all time.he is a good singer.he is sexy.he used to date chili from TLC and they were such a cute couple and them they broke up.where has he been lately.i haven't heard from him in a while.
  • DANG...

    gosh usher is sooooo hott... i love his hes got a nice body and he sings really well. i liked his movie in the mix i watch alot just because hes in it... lol hes so cute. i htink my favorite album by him is confessions. i dont know if i have a favorite song i guss just hearing his voice makes them all good. lol hes one of my favorite singers. i would love to see him in concert and for him to get his own tv show that would ROCK... (l o l) but ya i cant wait for his next album.
  • usher is a hot piece of as* and he is so talented.

    i think that he needs a show. he is a great singer and when he used to be on moesha i could of easily saw him acting in the facutlty (scary movie)he got killed i was so but yeah thats basically what i have to say about my man usher.
  • he is the most talented man everknown.

    no reviwethat i know of but i know that Usher is a great man i listen and know all of his songs and they are alsome and my sister lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssss him to death my brother likes him and i think he cool and a fasinating guy and he's a great role modle to every1
  • usher is so FYNE !!!!! even if he is 27 !!!!!

    usher is so FYNE !!!! he is a triple threat !!!!!!! and he is good at everything he does !!!!! i mean he can sing , dance , act , and he's got the looks !!!!!!!!!!!! to me he's better than perfect and to me that's the highest on my scale !!!!!!!!! and trust me you name a guy and there is a spot for him !!!!!!!!!!
  • So talented

    Usher is so talented it doesn't make sense. Usher is greta with Dancing, Signing and Acting also. But he is best at Singing. Usher became from a teen R&B Artist to a grow up ladies man. Usher has the style. He is the best R&B Artist ever! Usher is the best! We love ya!
  • Usher is the best R&B artist in the business right now. He is hot all over. Six pack abs, killer talent and let's not fail to mention, the hottest dance moves on the planet. He is definitely a triple threat. There's nothing that he cannot do. Simply the b

    Usher Terry Raymond IV is the best R&B artist is the industry. After all of these years of being underrated, he has finally proved his point and has the whole wide world singing his songs. He has always been my favorite male artist of all time, beside Michael Jackson. He is the greatest. No question!
  • OH....MY...GOD!

    He annoys me to death! His voice is the most annoying thing out there and whenever i hear it, my ears begin to bleed! His dancing is okay but he does way to much of it! He's becoming really overrated it's not even funny. He isn't the best looking thing either...he looks like a monkey and his nose is flat! How can people stand to listen to his music? I can't stand his music or his voice. GOD, Usher's Voice IS SOOOOOOO ANNOYING!!!
  • He gets on my nerves!!!

    First of all he is 2 overatted i agree. He needs 2 shave. He is soooo ugly to me. He self-conceded. He think he all that. He don't need website either. Im not haten its jus that every where i turn i see him!!! He can dance but please stop and don't be so big for once in your life the only songs i like by him is "confessions remix" and "my boo" and that's it.
  • Usher went from teen idol to RnB superstar instantly. He is talented and the man can dance.

    Usher is the sexiest man alive and you can see it for yourself. He has the voice of an angel, a smile that will make you die, and eyes that will ake yoir heart melt. He is the idea of a perfect boyfriend. And the best part is that he actually knows what a girls wants and when to give it to her.
  • Over rated! Usher is the most over rated singer in his time.

    Over rated! Usher is the most over rated singer in his time. I think because of the break up with "Chilli" he got so much money on his album "Confessions". That's why he is doing so much touring, because he might not have another album like this again. We all knew him or new of him, but he wasn't a big star like he is now.
  • I dont like boyz who act like girlS!!!

    he act likes a girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl!