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    • Usher: I used to be the guy who tore off his shirt during every show. Now I'm a little more comfortable in my skin.

    • Usher: [My son is] called Usher because he looks so much like me it would have been hard to call him anything else...

    • Usher: (revealing he makes love to his own songs) Oh yeah, I have made love to a few of my songs. Love You Gently is one of my favourites. Make her call you 'Daddy' when you put that one on.

    • Usher: The only reason I ever started singing is 'cause I wanted to own a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop.

    • Usher: (on his new album) It's a story with layers.

    • Usher: (on him being a new dad) It was the beginning of a new life for me. Sometimes I'm just like, wow!

    • Usher: (on himself in his new album) It's a new individual, a new artist... growth. You can't grow downward, you grow upward -- in this case, that's been a testimony to my story. A new landscape: a married man who had a child.

    • Usher: Strivers achieve what dreamers believe.

    • Usher: (Usher and fiancé release a statement in June 2007, revealing they are expecting their first child together) We are extremely excited at this point in our lives planning our wedding and the joy that comes with expecting our first child together. We hope people will be happy for us and respect our privacy during this happy period in our lives.

    • Usher: I like a woman who takes care of herself - it says something about the way she'll care for me.

    • Usher: The best present a man can give a woman is his undivided attention.

    • Usher: Lucy Liu, give me a call. Jennifer Lopez, we can dance meringue. Halle Berry, I understand. I will listen to you!

    • Usher: I've been working so hard, I'm about to have a Mariah Carey.

    • Usher: I'm a flamboyant type of guy, a cooler version of Liberace.

    • Usher: I guess I had it made. My mother gave me advice - she taught me that women like to be looked in the eye - and my grandmother gave me condoms.

    • Usher: Breaking up is a natural evolution when you try to figure out what you want in life. If you're with an individual who isn't moving in the same direction and at the same rate that you are, it ain't going to work.

    • Usher: Sleeping is forbidden at the age of 22. It's all work and no play.

    • Usher: Somebody has to look out for and protect our kids, and I feel blessed to be a blessing to someone else.

    • Usher: I learned how music works dealing with Jermaine Dupri, and I learned how image works dealing with Puff Daddy.

    • Usher: I think music is like a monogamous relationship, but acting in theatre is like having a different woman every night.

    • Usher: I'm not looking to rush back into a serious relationship. However, I have to be willing to give a woman a chance to show what she's got.

    • Usher: I'm all too familiar with obstacles in relationships. There's this safeguard… my grandmother, my mother and my brother. They are the guard dogs of Usher. If you get past those three, you're good!

    • Usher: (on kissing Emmanuelle Chriqui in "In The Mix") She was a great kisser. To be perfectly honest with you, she was the first woman that ever shocked me the way she did. The chemistry was there.

    • Usher: Appearance is something you should definitely consider when you're going out. Have your girlfriend clip your nails, or something like that.