Uwe Boll

Uwe Boll


6/22/1965, Wermelskirchen, Germany

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Uwe Boll


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Uwe is a writer, director and producer, who has been compared to by some critics as legendary B-movie director Ed Wood. Known for his films panned by critics and moviegoers alike. Uwe often directs films based on video games such as House of the Dead, Alone in themore


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Uwe's nicknames include Senor Bollo, The Master of Error and Herr Boll.

    • In 2006, Uwe was nominated for a Razzie Award at the Razzie Awards in the category of Worst Director for his 2005 film Alone in the Dark.

    • Uwe has written two books, Wie man in Deutschland einen Film drehen muss (How a Movie has to be made in Germany) and Die Gattung Serie und ihre Genres (Series and Their Genres), on themes of serial TV.

    • Uwe attended Comic-Con 2007 to promote his film Postal.

    • If Uwe could remake any film or movie franchise he would remake the Jaws franchise.

    • Uwe is good friends with Clint Howard and cast him in Blackwoods, Heart of America and House of the Dead.

    • In 2004, Uwe directed Nightwish's music video Wish I Had An Angel.

    • In 1994, Uwe was nominated for the Max Ophüls Award at the Max Ophüls Festival for his direction of the film Amoklauf.

    • At G-Phoria 2007, an award was given for "Deserves a Uwe Boll Movie," for which the nominees were five sub-par games from the previous year.

    • In 2007, Uwe was nominated for a Razzie Award at the Razzie Awards in the category of Worst Director for his 2005 film BloodRayne.

    • Uwe stands at 5'8" or 1.73 m.

    • Uwe's favorite film of 2005 is Sin City. Uwe's favorite video game is Hitman: Codename 47.

  • Quotes

    • Uwe (when asked what he learned from his experience with Alone in the Dark): That a script matters.

    • Uwe: Fans are always totally flipping out and I understand that the fan of a video game has his own agenda in his head and has his ideas about what is a good movie and what is a bad movie.

    • Uwe: Maybe you know it but it's not so easy to finance movies in total. And the reason I am able to do these kind of movies is I have a tax shelter fund in Germany, and if you invest in a movie in Germany you get basically fifty percent back from the Government.

  • A Enemy to All Gamers

    A lot of movies based on video games are known for being poor or mediocre, this is true. But no movie adaptions of video games are worse than this piece of crap director. I have only seen House of the Dead and a small bit of Bloodrayne and I gotta say, this guy is not only the worst director of all time, but his movies are an insult to gamers all over the world.

    I was extremely angry when he showed interest in direction the "World of Warcraft" movie, but thankfully, Blizzard never gave him the rights.

    This guy is also extremely delusional as he believes his movies are awesome and challenges his critics to boxing matches.

    Uwe Boll if you you're reading this, know this. Challenging critics to boxing matches is not going to change how well your movies do. They suck now and they suck forever and nothing will change that.moreless
  • He is a stupid retard

    Uwe Boll you suck, you are a talentless idiot, who thinks of himself as a genius. How sad, and embarrasing.

    Dog poo is more talented than you!

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    I would like you to dare me to a wrestling match, like you dare everyone who hates your idiotic movies, come on dare me so i can smash your stupid face in. You are a classless embarrasment to Hollywood and to your mum. Ed Wood was a far better director than you, he cared about his movies and the audience. You just dont give a crap! Go back to Germany and become porno movie director or some other pointless bullcrap! Or you could just die and make the world a better place. You ruined movie lover's lives you ruined all of our lives you talentless hack!moreless