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  • A Enemy to All Gamers

    A lot of movies based on video games are known for being poor or mediocre, this is true. But no movie adaptions of video games are worse than this piece of crap director. I have only seen House of the Dead and a small bit of Bloodrayne and I gotta say, this guy is not only the worst director of all time, but his movies are an insult to gamers all over the world.

    I was extremely angry when he showed interest in direction the "World of Warcraft" movie, but thankfully, Blizzard never gave him the rights.

    This guy is also extremely delusional as he believes his movies are awesome and challenges his critics to boxing matches.

    Uwe Boll if you you're reading this, know this. Challenging critics to boxing matches is not going to change how well your movies do. They suck now and they suck forever and nothing will change that.
  • He is a stupid retard

    Uwe Boll you suck, you are a talentless idiot, who thinks of himself as a genius. How sad, and embarrasing.

    Dog poo is more talented than you!

    You stink!

    I would like you to dare me to a wrestling match, like you dare everyone who hates your idiotic movies, come on dare me so i can smash your stupid face in. You are a classless embarrasment to Hollywood and to your mum. Ed Wood was a far better director than you, he cared about his movies and the audience. You just dont give a crap! Go back to Germany and become porno movie director or some other pointless bullcrap! Or you could just die and make the world a better place. You ruined movie lover's lives you ruined all of our lives you talentless hack!
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    Uwe Boll there is plenty you can say about this guy his movies are terrible I have House of the Dead and BloodRayne these are 2 very good games the movies suck. As for his others I will not waste my time going to watch that terrible rubbish. I watched Uwe Boll talking about the petition to stop directing which was on youtube and yeah I did sign it. As again though you have a choice to watch his movies are not but destroying video games is a disgrace. I watched Uwe Boll on youtube and he did say give me your name and address and he will track you down, what will he do give you a boxing match or stick you in one of his terrible movies. Uwe Boll I am sorry but he is a joke and a disgrace. Oh Far Cry Uwe next movie and come on we all know it's going to suck.
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    3 simple words: Worst director ever!
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    Okay, I'm going to state the obvious, and I'm sure Uwe Boll is pretty nice guy in person- but how do I say this in the nicest manner- he sucks at movie making. And it shows in the reviews for his movies. Sometimes I wonder how he finds actors and studios to fund his movies. And considering he has to go into a boxing ring to fight critics who hate his movies is actually saying quite a lot. Hopefully Uwe will decide that it isn't in his best interest to continue filmmaking. Maybe he should direct a video game? It would be easier for him because all the movies he's done seem like a video game.
  • The worst movie director out there.

    It's bad enough to see a movie from someone who has no talents. But Uwe Boll definetly fits into that kind of category.

    The German-born movie director makes his debut in the movie adaption of "The House Of The Dead", based on Sega's arcade shooter. Upon seeing this movie, it is clear that, like others before him, none of the movie ever stays true to the game, has horrendous plots and actings and not one of them are favorable among both critics and audiences. Yet, Uwe continues to make movies based on any video games he could grab on in a desperate attempt to make big bucks.

    Why he continues to make movie adaptions of the games he got is anyone's guess, but one thing is sure: the no-talented director should stick to originality rather than video games.