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    Uwe Boll there is plenty you can say about this guy his movies are terrible I have House of the Dead and BloodRayne these are 2 very good games the movies suck. As for his others I will not waste my time going to watch that terrible rubbish. I watched Uwe Boll talking about the petition to stop directing which was on youtube and yeah I did sign it. As again though you have a choice to watch his movies are not but destroying video games is a disgrace. I watched Uwe Boll on youtube and he did say give me your name and address and he will track you down, what will he do give you a boxing match or stick you in one of his terrible movies. Uwe Boll I am sorry but he is a joke and a disgrace. Oh Far Cry Uwe next movie and come on we all know it's going to suck.