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  • A Enemy to All Gamers

    A lot of movies based on video games are known for being poor or mediocre, this is true. But no movie adaptions of video games are worse than this piece of crap director. I have only seen House of the Dead and a small bit of Bloodrayne and I gotta say, this guy is not only the worst director of all time, but his movies are an insult to gamers all over the world.

    I was extremely angry when he showed interest in direction the "World of Warcraft" movie, but thankfully, Blizzard never gave him the rights.

    This guy is also extremely delusional as he believes his movies are awesome and challenges his critics to boxing matches.

    Uwe Boll if you you're reading this, know this. Challenging critics to boxing matches is not going to change how well your movies do. They suck now and they suck forever and nothing will change that.