V. C. Andrews

V. C. Andrews


6/6/1923, Portsmouth, Virginia



Birth Name

Cleo Virginia Andrews



Also Known As

V.C. Andrews
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V.C. Andrews was a novelist who'd books sold over hundreds of books and has them still being published even after her death.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Andrews had always dreamed of being an actress and having her books turn into movies. Before her death she was able to have her dream fulfulled as her novel Flowers in the Attic was in post-production when she died.

    • The last two books that Andrews actually physically wrote before her death were Garden of Shadows, and Fallen Hearts.

    • Andrews' next series about another family was set in a place that is quite familiar to her. It as well as her previous series were all set in her home country, West Virginia, and in Boston.

    • Andrews' next series about another family was set in a place that is quite familiar to her. It as well as her previous series were all set in her home country, West Virginia, and in Boston.

    • After the success of Flowers in the Attic Andrews decided to write a sequel to the book entitled Pedals on the Wind. This book too was an instant success. With it's success it brought back success to Andrews' first book Flowers and both books remained on the top of the list of books sold. Both books sold over seven million copies.

    • Several of Andrews' critics have said Ann's writing style was a bit eccentric. In her books she included such things as incest and explicit sexual content. This did not detour Andrews as she thrived on the controversy.

    • Andrews lived in Norfolk, Virginia as an adult. She tried many paths in her life bound to a wheelchair. She tried to be a fashion illustrator, commercial artist, and later a portrait painter. None of these were her calling.

    • Andrews didn't start writing until she was 48. She had many a failed attempts at books. Finally she wrote a book called The Obsessed. Andrews spirit never died she sent that book to a publisher. In return he wrote back expressing that if she would make the content a bit more racey he would consider it for publication. Andrews went on to rewrite the script. From then on The Obsessed became The Obsessed to Flowers in the Attic. Which shortened down to Flowers in the Attic which became a best seller in two weeks.

    • Andrews' life was not glory and games as one would think. When she was a young lady she fell down the school staircase. Andrews' family made attempts to correct the injuries to her back. The surgeries were unsuccessful. It left Andrews' with severe arthritis and that led to her confinment to a wheelchair.

    • In 1986 Andrews won the The Number One Bestselling Author of Popular Horror and Occult Paperbacks Award. This award is given out by the American Booksellers Association. This was quite an honor because she beat Stephen King for this honor.

    • Andrews first novel Flowers in the Attic was her best seller. This is the book that began her book series writings. Flowers was the first in a series of books about a family. This story was based on a true story, like many of her book are. The book was published in 1979. Andrews found her niche.

    • Flowers in the Attic, Andrews first book, was banned in all schools. The school systems felt her writing was too sexually and immorally explicit.

    • Andrews played the part of a window washing maid in the film version of Flowers in the Attic.

    • Though her mother tried to shelter Andrews she was a determined lady. Her first love was painting. She painted often which was her way of helping the financial burden she thought she was.

    • The Professional Woman of the Year award went to Andrews for her relentless effort in writing. This award was given to her in 1984 in Norfolk, Virginia.

    • Andrews' writing was full of the shock factor. Her loyal fans expected this in each of the books she wrote.

    • Andrews never got married during her lifetime. She has always considered her books as her children.

    • Andrews spent her whole life in a wheelchair. She did all of her writing from it.

    • Andrews left some outlines for the books she intended to write. After her death, however, novelist Andrew Niederman stepped up to the plate and wrote from her handwritten outline of some of the remaining books she intended on writing. His success was astounding and he was asked to be kept on writing books in her name.

  • Quotes

    • V. C. Andrews: The face of fear I display in my novels is not the pale specter from the sunken grave, nor is it the thing that goes bump in the night.

    • V. C. Andrews: Mine are the deep-seated fears established when we are children, and they never quite go away: the fear of being helpless, the fear of being trapped, the fear of being out of control.