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Vadim Schneider

Vadim Schneider


3/10/1986, Paris



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    • Had four brothers: Niels, Volodia, Aliocha and Vassili

    • With the blessing of his family it was decided that the truth about Vadim's death would not be covered up in a phony happy ending. The writers (15/love) decided that the truth would be revealed about Vadim's death and his memory would be honored.

    • He and his 15/Love co-star Jaclyn Linetsky were killed in a car accident on September 8, 2003. They were on their way to the set of 15/Love in St Cesiare, Québec when their mini-van lost control and slammed head on into a tractor/trailer. They were killed instantly. They were both 17 years old.

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  • Vadim Schneider was an incredible actor on 15/Love. He died in a car accident. R.I.P

    I have to give Vadim Schneider a perfect 10. He was such an incredible and very talented actor. He brought so much energy and fun to 15/Love. He played such a sweet and kind character. He played the Sebastian Dube perfectly. Vadim was so handsome. He will be missed greatly by his friends family and fans. No one could play Sebastien as well as he did. It was a shame we never got to hear his real voice on 15/Love. I couldn\'t imagine anyone else playing the role of Sebastien Dube! 15/Love wouldn\'t have been the same without him. I will miss him greatly. R.I.Pmoreless
  • he is amazing! I can't believe he is not with us anymore! rest in peace vadim!

    omg!! this guy is awesome! when i found out he passed away i cried! i loved him so much in 15/love! the show just isnt the same without him! i faithfully watched him on the show evry episode! if u havent seen it u need to! if anyone disrespects vadim in any way they have serious problems!!!! ok this is really hard to write a hundred words! gee! mat u rest in peace vadim! know that u were loved for your talent and your personality! anyone who knew you will never b the same since you've passed rest in peace!moreless