Vaitiare Bandera





8/15/1964 , Tahiti, French Polynesia

Birth Name

Vaitiare Eugenice Hirshon




Vaitiaré was born on the 15th of August (year unknown) as Vaitiaré Eugenice Hirshon, and was later known as Vaitiaré Bandera, as she married producer Peter Bandera.

Vaitiaré was born on Tahiti but has a mixture of heritage. Her mother is Tahitian and her farther North American, but in her ancestry you'll also find traces of English, French, German, Polynesian and Maori. When she was nine she left Tahiti to tour in the US performing with The Drum Of Tahiti and began her international career. Since then she has achieved acclaim as an Actress/Model in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Vaitiaré has a daughter with Michael Shanks (known from the series Stargate SG-1 as Dr. Daniel Jackson.)

Vaitiaré was selected as MILLER BEER'S ‘93, ‘94 & ‘95 SPOKESPERSON MODEL for the Hispanic market in a campaign that includes billboards, personal appearances, posters, magazine ads and television commercials appearing throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Other spots include J.C. Penney, Toyota, Sears, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Coors Dry, Caroche-Spain, and Honda-Tahiti.

Vaitiaré completed 50 episodes for Televisa's award winning novella "AGUJETAS DE COLOR DE ROSA", which is currently an international success in over 45 countries.

Vaitiaré had a special guest starring role in the FOX hit comedy series "MARRIED WITH CHILDREN", "OUT OF THE BLUE", as well as in the action adventure syndicated series "ACAPULCO H.E.A.T.".

She hosted new variety series: Gran Fiesta , Miss Spain 1994 , Sevilla 1993 , a documentary Voyage To Paradise French Polynesia , Ibiza 1993 where she was chosen as the Musa Del Verano (inspiration of summer)

Did a TV Specials : Holiday In Tahiti

She also made TV appearances in Europe and Latin America: Sal Y Pimienta , Tariro Tariro , Angel Casas Show , VIP Show , Por La Mana and Hola "89

She did commercials as Lincoln Mercury and Miller's Beer where she was chosen to be Spokesperson model in 1993 , 94 and 95 for the
Hispanic market.

She also did spots for Coca Cola, MC Donalds, Coors Dry , Caroche-Spain and Honda Tahiti.

Vaitiaré currently lives in L.A with her daughter, Tatiana.