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  • He's just not taken seriously.

    Val Kilmer is a talented actor but he has not been taken serious over the past few years. I figured after starring alongside Tom Cruise in Top Gun Kilmer would be an A-List celebrity but that is not the case. Kilmer is often placed in odd roles and you hardly ever see him in the movie. I think he's a brilliant actor who has been underappreciated over the long years of his acting career. He should have been a bigger star, if its one actor who deserves to succeed it would have to be Val Kilmer! He has great lips too...
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    Val seems to be perpetually knocking on the door to super-stardom, but he may be destined to play intriguing, just off the beaten path roles for a long time. I can say without hesitation that his portrayal of Doc Holliday in Tombstone is one of the single greatest performances I have ever seen on the screen. In a movie filled with memorable stars, Kilmer blew everyone out of the water, and escalated the work of everyone around him.

    Beyond that, he has managed to work his unique sense of humor into several characters he’s played, such as Mad Mardigan in Willow and Simon Templar in The Saint. I was excited to see him make his way into the incredible cast of “Heat�, and his solid performances in “The Doors� and “The Ghost and the Darkness� round out some of my favorite films by him.

    Special Bonus points for playing Elvis in True Romance…
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    Good actor. He has appeared in some good movies that were kind of cool, like in Deja Vu or Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (which is really cool) he has appeared in some movies that are worth of mentioning and overall he is a good actor. I really like him!
  • Underrated actor!

    Val Kilmer is a very handsome actor but the problem
    Is that the right roles elude him and that he is Only taking roles for money. No offense as he
    Need to find that right vehicle to star in so that
    He can have superstardom like his Top Gun star Tom Cruise
    Has and if he could do that, maybe who knows what will happen?
  • Nice actor. Not the best, but better than no one.

    I have seen only one movie with Val Kilmer: Batman Forever. He did a good Batman in that movie, but if you ask me, Michael Keaton still should have done Batman. Val Kilmer is still one of the best actors there is though. I do not know why he was not in Batman & Robin, but oh well. He is still a good actor.