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    Val seems to be perpetually knocking on the door to super-stardom, but he may be destined to play intriguing, just off the beaten path roles for a long time. I can say without hesitation that his portrayal of Doc Holliday in Tombstone is one of the single greatest performances I have ever seen on the screen. In a movie filled with memorable stars, Kilmer blew everyone out of the water, and escalated the work of everyone around him.

    Beyond that, he has managed to work his unique sense of humor into several characters he’s played, such as Mad Mardigan in Willow and Simon Templar in The Saint. I was excited to see him make his way into the incredible cast of “Heat�, and his solid performances in “The Doors� and “The Ghost and the Darkness� round out some of my favorite films by him.

    Special Bonus points for playing Elvis in True Romance…