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    • Val: (on preparing for her role on "Prisoner") A whole lot of use went out to a prison, and although we were not allowed to talk to the prisoners themselves, we met the people who ran the place and had a look around. Amazingly, they claimed a lot of the things we know happen in women's prisons, like the pecking order, didn't exist! They tried to make it look very tame, but we knew better.

    • Val: (on the lack of good TV roles for women) There are very few worth-while characters for actresses, especially in Australia. The great thing about Prisoner is that it allowed actresses who would otherwise be playing small roles to be lead actors and really get into meaty roles.

    • Val: (revealing she still keeps in contact with some of her co-stars in "Prisoner") I'm still great friends with Carole Skinner who played Nola McKenzie, Colette Mann who played Doreen Burns, Patsy King who played Erica Davidson and Carol Burns who played Frankie Doyle. I'm living far off in Ballarat and haven't done much acting since I was In Secret Bridesmaid's Business in 2002. But I often catch up with the girls for dinner when I'm in Melbourne. When we all get together, it's just like old times.

    • Val Lehman: (on the 'Prisoner' 'Where are they now?' reunion) We just fell back into the same camaraderie that existed while we were in the show.

    • Val Lehman: (on Australian acting opportuntities) My career has completely withered, I'm afraid, as it does if you happen to be an actor of my age and gender in this country.