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  • A truly misunderstood gentleman...

    I don\'t know what to say about Val as a magician, because I\'ve never seen him outside of his specials. Personally, I would prefer to see some videos (real ones, not just the montages he has on his site) of him in Brazil and Japan, where he\'s comfortable and in his stride, to boot. That, and maybe when he performed in Vegas, just to know what he was like when he was an average joe.

    As far as acting, if you watch \"Trash TV\" enough times, you can tell what they recorded when. In the scenes shot first, he seems quite tense, and then in later scenes, he seems more loosened up and the dialog comes naturally.

    He said he\'s always wanted to be an actor...So let\'s see some more!


    P.S.: His legal name IS Val Valentino, changed in 1984. Personally, if I had my original birth certificate sealed (which it will be, soon), I would get VERY cranky every time someone used my original name. But guess who has more patience?