Valentine Pelka

Valentine Pelka


2/23/1957, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England, UK

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Assembled from Paramount Television's "Queen of Swords" Cast Biography Page for Mr. Pelka, Mr. Pelka's Fan Club, recent news, and personal interviews: "Valentine Pelka is an alumnus of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, where, in addition to his stage training, he received stage combat instruction…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • According to the TV Zone Special #40 (Sword and Sorcery Special) in the page 89 interview with Valentine Pelka, the role of the military governor (Colonel Luis Montoya) in the 2000 syndicated TV series Queen of Swords was written for Pelka by executive producer David Abramowitz. According to the interview, Abramowitz phoned Pelka in October 1999 to offer him the part, subject to approval by the other show producers.

    • According to the TV Zone Special # 40 (Sword and Sorcery Special) in the page 89 interview with Valentine Pelka, he guest starred in the 1990 TV series Zorro in the episode "All that Glitters."

    • When going to the US for work or vacations, Mr. Pelka had only ever been to New York or Los Angeles, so visiting Memphis as part of the Peter Wingfield Fan Club Road Trip in October, 2006 was a new experience for Mr. Pelka who reported he enjoyed seeing the difference between this small city and the large American locales.

    • Valentine has completed a novel. He read excerpts from it to the attendees at the 2006 Peter Wingfield Fan Club Roadtrip in Memphis, TN.

    • Valentine reads and writes French and has translated a French play into English.

    • When Peter Wingfield could not appear at his own fan club convention in Memphis, Tennesee in 2006, due to a work commitment, Valentine readily stepped in to substitute for Peter and delight fans with his witty, generous hosting abilities. Eyewitness report

    • Valentine was cast in the role of "John Lennon" in And in the End: The Death and Life of John Lennon because by chewing gum in the interview he made himself stand out and look more like "John." John Lennon tended to keep a piece of gum far back between his teeth all the time, probably due to stress. This caused a closed jaw form of speaking which Valentine was able to mimic as the character in the play.

    • As Mr. Pelka was flipping through the script studying for the role of "John Lennon" in And in the End: The Death and Life of John Lennon minutes before the audition (because computer problems had prevented him from opening and reading the script any sooner), he noticed a stage direction that "John" was chewing gum, so on his way to the audition Mr. Pelka walked into a news vendor's shop, purchased a pack of gum, and started chewing before, during, and after the interview for the role.

    • Mr. Pelka received the script to audition for the role of "John Lennon" in And in the End: The Death and Life of John Lennon by computer, but he was unable to open it up until after the weekend when he could practice the part.

    • The character of Colonel Luis Montoya in Queen of Swords was written specifically for Valentine by writer/producer David Abramowitz.

    • Valentine became fast friends with actor Peter Wingfield when they appeared together on Highlander: The Series as two of the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.".

    • Mr. Pelka's younger sister, Kazia, is an actress in Great Britain where she is actually better known than Mr. Pelka because of her appearances on night time soap operas such as Coronation Street.

    • Valentine is married with one son.

    • The horse that Valentine used in Queen of Swords died at the end of the series.

    • Valentine's mother is Irish and his father is Polish.

    • On Queen of Swords, Valentine liked the personal sword of swordmaster/sword-double Roberta Brown that he asked her if he could use the swordas "Col. Montoya." Roberta agreed. Valentine was allowed to even use the sword to the conclusion of the series even after Roberta returned to the United States mid-season.

    • Valentine Pelka and Queen of Swords co-stars Tessie Santiago and Anthony Lemke remained good friends after the end of the production of that series. They keep in touch by phone as well as in person when they visit across the globe.

  • Quotes

    • Valentine:(From a group panel at the Chronicles 98 "Highlander" convention) "Homogeneity - there's a word! I don't think I could spell it. I did pronounce it, but I'm surprised."

    • Valentine: I draw absolutely anything.

    • Valentine: (Regarding any preference for live theatre versus camera work) I honestly and truly cannot say to you that I prefer one to the other.

    • Valentine: Some actors say the thing about theater is it's live. There's no audience on TV and film. And I happen to honestly say I don't agree. I think the audience is the director; the crew; the runners; the first, second, third, fourth ADs — anybody who is involved in that.

    • Valentine: There's no more devoted fan than my mum.

    • Valentine: The horse I rode in "First Knight" is a very famous film horse. It's called Fury. Fury was the original Lloyds Bank horse.

    • Valentine: Once you establish that trust, then you can really go for it and really pull out all stops, and pick up the speed a bit.

    • Valentine: (Regarding stage swordplay) When you're a fighter, if you do this sort of work sometimes, what's most important is striking up a relationship with the person you're fighting with. Eye contact, my teacher told me, is the most important thing. The reason for that is it unconsciously sets up distance, and also if somebody forgets a move, you know within three moves they've forgotten. So there's a safety aspect.