Valerie French





3/11/1932 , London, England, UK



Birth Name

Valerie Harrison




All that glisters is not gold, as Valerie French found out to her cost. In the mid-50s, after she'd done a few utterly unimportant British films, she was signed up, amidst much fanfare, to a seven-year Hollywood contract with Columbia. Her first American film was a fine western, "Jubal", billing her behind Glenn Ford and Ernest Borgnine, but ahead of Rod Steiger and Charles Bronson. If, as this suggests, the studio had big plans for her, they didn't eventuate - Columbia had, of course, the right to drop her contract at the end of each of the seven years, and they exercised this right after just two. Her subsequent American films were minor. She returned to Britain in the late 60s. She guested on "The Prisoner" and had a supporting role in a big movie, "Shalako", but nothing much came of these. Her first marriage, to the scriptwriter Michael Pertwee, foundered pretty fast after her move to America, and a second marriage to actor Thayer David ended in divorce after five years.