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Valerie Wildman

Valerie Wildman


8/6/1957, Miami Beach, Florida

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Valerie Wildman played "Fay Walker" on "Days of Our Lives," from 1999-2003, but appeared from every now and then. Her character is a woman with a heart of gold despite her unfortunate circumstances, currently employed at the roadside diner. Soap Opera Weekly hails Wildman's performance on "Days of…more


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  • Victim of another dropped storyline...

    Valerie Wildman did a fantastic job of portraying Faye Walker. But the DOOL powers that be, let her entire storyline slip through the cracks. For months DOOL played up the possibility of a storyline with her and Abe and an affair from years past. This went on for sometime, but nothing really came from it, as I recall. Why did Days have her sign a three year contract and then not really allow her character to evolve? I also would have liked to see more done with Faye and Nicole (mother/daughter I believe) Nicole was just plain mean, and it made Valerie's character at times pathetic for putting up with her crap. Just another victim of the dropped storylines that we see much to often....moreless