Valery M. Ortiz

Valery M. Ortiz


8/1/1984, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Birth Name

Valery Milagros Ortiz



Also Known As

Valery Ortiz, Val
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Valery Milagros Ortiz was born on August 1st, 1984 in San Juan, Puerto Rico to Hector and Aracelis Ortiz. Valery's first passion was to become a "ballerina" and she explored her dancing talents after receiving a scholarship to The Southern Ballet Theatre Performing Art Centre in Orlando, Florida.…more


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    • (asked "How do your friends and family react to seeing their sweet little Valery be so un-sweet on TV?")
      Valery: They LOVE it! Haha My friend Kenyetta was particularly happy to see me play someone quite sassy. Oh! and my little cousin Wesley (lives in NY) didn't want to speak to me on the phone one day b/c he told my aunt I was "mean". LOL But for the most part everyone enjoys seeing that side of me.

    • Valery: I've never met anyone 100% Madison (thank God hehe) but have met or heard of those with similar personality traits. So I just take a little from different people or even other characters I've seen in movies/TV.

    • Vallery: There may be some cheerleaders out there who do it solely for popularity, but I hope that isn't their only reason for becoming a cheerleader," Valery says. "I don't want young girls to want to be like our characters on the show. When you are involved in something like cheerleading, which I consider to be a positive team activity, it should be like your second family. I had theater, cheerleading, dance classes, etc., and I am so thankful I was able to be around all that positive energy."

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