5/30/1967, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Ian Richard Hodgkinson



Also Known As

Ian Richards, Vampire Casanova, Ian Hodgkinson, Canadian Vampire, Vampiro, Gene Anderson, Casanova, Canadiense
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Vampiro started his career out in his native Canada and moved on to CMLL, WCW, TNA, WSX and Triple A.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • On May 24th 2008, Vampiro participated in the defunct XPW's reunion show that saw him lose to fellow wrestler Kaos.

    • On December 5th, 2007,it was announced that Vampiro is now a member of The Guardian Angels in Mexico City.

    • He is a former World Heavyweight Champ for various Indy Promotions:

      (1) UWA World Heavyweight Champion
      (1) WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion
      (1) NWE Heavyweight Champion
      (3) IWA Hardcore Champion
      (1) FILL Heavyweight Champion
      (1) NWA World Light Heavyweight Champion
      (1) JCW Heavyweight Champion

    • While wrestling for the various promtions he's used unique entrance music:

      In WCW:
      Take It by ICP
      Play With Me by ICP
      Kong at the Gates by The Misfits

      In WSX:
      You Eclipsed By Me by Atreyu

      Indy federations:
      Dead American by Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards
      You Eclipsed By Me by Atreyu

    • Vampiro was crowned the Rey de Reyes in 2006 for the AAA wrestling promotion.

    • In the wrestling promotion WSX, Vampiro was not just a wrestler for them he was also the head booker for the show.

    • During his tenure in IWA he feuded with Ricky Banderas. Then in 2007 they rekindled this feud in WSX.

    • Much like the great El Santo in Mexico, Vampiro did a movie. It was called Guerrero De La Noche.

    • When he was to wrestle in Mexico, he was named El Vampiro Canadiese aka The Canadian Vampire.

    • He has said that as long as Sting is in TNA, he doubts he'll be back there.
      He wrestled there in 2003.

    • Not only does he wrestle, but he is the vocalist for a local punk bank called Droch Fhoula. No word yet on an album.

    • Norman Smiley is the godfather of his daughter, Dasha.

    • Durng his early wrestling career in Mexico with the CMLL promotion, he was in a real-life feud with fellow wrestling superstar, Konnan.

    • Although Vampiro is a born Canadian, he considers Mexico his second home.

    • Vampiro has been involved in 9 Hair vs Hair/Mask matches in Mexico and has won it 7 times.

    • He has held world heavyweight titles in the following promotions:

      JCW (twice)

    • He made his pro wrestling debut in 1985.

    • Vampiro was trained by well-known hardcore wrestling legend, Abdullah the Butcher.

    • Vampiro holds a dual citizneship with his native Canada and Mexico.

    • Vampiro used to be a bodyguard for Milli Vanilli, for a brief time.

    • In 2006, Vampiro was ranked #128 out of 500 wrestlers in the PWI system.

  • Quotes

    • Vampiro: I didn't know who my friends were, because everybody around me was a leech. Promoters basically didn't care if I was hurt or injured or tired.

    • Vampiro : When you live low in the gutter, it's better to burn out than die...I still lurk in the shadows.