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  • Van Williams Most underrated actor in 60\'s Televison.

    Van Williams is perhaps the most underrated actor appearing in 1960\'s television. From his early appearance in a Lawman episode called \"The Young Toughs\" until he appeared in a dramatic episode of Gunsmoke in \"Thirty a Month and Found\", his acting matured.
    In Bourbon St. Beat & Surfside 6 he played the playboy to the hilt, chasing girls and casting flip remarks when primed. There was a lot of fluff, but there was quality, too.
    He soon graduated to a more serious role, as Britt Reid in The Green Hornet.
    His appearance in Gunsmoke showed what a truly fine actor he had become by the 1970\'s.
  • A star with no ego


    In an age where stars are known for thier egos, Van Wiliams had no ego. He was more concerned with the show and getting more screen time for his friend Bruce Lee.

    It was also nice to see him leave Hollywwod on his terms. Good for him