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    • Shortly after the USA women's gymnastics team won Olympic gold in 1996, there was a special USA vs. the World competition on television, which featured all 7 of the original team members. Vanessa came along as an alternate, and when Shannon Miller could not perform her floor exercise near the end, Vanessa came out and delivered a solid routine to help the United States win the event.

    • Vanessa starred in a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercial in 1998.

    • Vanessa was the main stunt double for the Lifetime movie Little Girls in Pretty Boxes (1997).

    • Vanessa was the Co-National Gymnastics Champion in 1997 with Kristy Powell.

    • At one point in her career Vanessa trained with 2000 Olympian Jamie Dantzcher.

    • Vanessa's least favorite, and most difficult, event is uneven bars. In fact, she rarely made it all the way through one of her routines without a fall or other serious mistake.

    • Vanessa's favorite show is I Love Lucy.

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