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    • Vanessa: (Explaining what it is like to work at Saturday Night Live) Every time you're on that set, you think about who's been there and what goes on there. It's very surreal.

    • Vanessa: (Explaining how her college helped her)Part of that has to do with Penn being really supportive of what you do, I remember when I met with my career counselor at the end of my senior year, I told her that I wanted to do comedy. And she said, 'You should just start performing at different clubs.' She wasn't like, 'No, this isn't a good choice for you.' She was like, 'Great, you should do that.'

    • Vanessa: (on her impression of Miley Cryus)I took a character workshop a couple of summers ago where we worked on impressions, and that's when I first started working on it, I felt like she was such a great personality. She's a fun person to do.

    • Vanessa: (On her first day working on Saturday Nigh Live) My first day of work, I remember meeting people and I was so star-struck, But I had to act like it was a normal thing to meet these people. I couldn't ask for autographs of the people I was going to work with.