Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton


8/16/1980, Milford, Pennsylvania

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Vanessa Carlton


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Vanessa Carlton was born August 16, 1980, and raised in Mitford, PA. She displayed her first hint of talent at age 2, when she banged out "It's A Small World" by ear on the piano. Her mother was her first music teacher, exposing her to a variety of…more


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  • Vanessa Carlton is absolutely amazing!

    Vanessa Carlton is my all time favorite artist!

    She is just so inspiring, and I love all of her songs. Her songs are just so deep, and have true meaning, as opposed to more mainstream singers whose songs shouldn't even be considered that. Listening to Vanessa's songs just make me feel good about myself, and as though nothing can stop me from accomplishing my goals!

    She currently has three albums released, with a fourth one in the making! They are Be Not Nobody (2002), Harmonium (2004) and most recently Heroes & Thieves (2007). She also has an unreleased album called Rinse.

    Her most well known song is A Thousand Miles, and even though it's a great song, I don't really like it as much anymore because people think that it is Vanessa's only good song, when clearly she has many more good songs to her name. I know this from asking around, but people thing she became worse after A Thousand Miles, but truthfully, I think she got better!

    Other singles by her are Ordinary Day, Pretty Baby, White Houses, Private Radio, Who's to Say, Nolita Fairytale, and Hands on Me.

    These were some of the first songs I heard by her, and I had to have more! I can't even begin to describe the feeling I had when I found other songs by her. And I had this feeling a lot, because I would just find maybe four or five new songs that I had never heard before, and play them nonstop until I had them engraved in my brain! The most recent time was a few weeks ago, when I heard the premieres of three of her new songs: "London", "Fair-Weather Friends", and an instrumental called "Waltz". You should really check out these songs, they are amazing, and will be on her fourth album!

    Another thing I like about Vanessa so much is that she's not really well known. She is just so down to Earth, totally genuine, and a really cool person as well. If she were more mainstream, then the record companies would make her sing songs that she doesn't really want to, which is exactly the reason for why she left A&M Records. Also, it makes me feel somewhat special, like I'm one of not a whole lot of people that likes her. It's like being part of an exclusive group, a group of total "Nessaholics"!

    It's also cool how she writes/composes all of her songs herself, although sometimes they're co-written. It really gives them her own personal touch. And when listening to the songs, one of the great things about them is that you can actually hear the lyrics, and make out what she's trying to say. A lot of recent singers, you can barely hear the words, so it just makes the songs lose their meaning.

    Not only are the vocals and lyrics great, but the music behind it is so wonderful. Each song has a different sound to it, but somehow they sound alike. Vanessa is really talented. She is a singer/songwriter/composer/musician/dancer, and she also finds time to do charity work! I said it before, and I'll say it again, Vanessa Carlton is absolutely amazing! Here is to all the great work she has done in the past, and to all the great work she will continue to do in the future!

    Cheers Vanessa, you are truly one of a kind!moreless
  • A thousand reason why I love Vanessa!

    I was watch VH 1 when I saw Vanessa Carlton for the first time. She sang her hit song "A Thousand Miles," and she sang it very well. She plays the piano very well. Not only that she's a good singer, she is very beautiful. I'm in love with her. I wrote her a few letters in support. this years, she's coming back with more music and I wait to hear her again. Everyday, I watch her video on VH-1 and I never tired of her or her song. I'm looking forward in her her on the radio and television again.moreless