Vanessa Dorman





2/27/1979 , Nantic, Connecticut

Birth Name

Vanessa Britt Dorman




name~ Vanessa Brit Dorman

birthday~ February 27, 1969

born in~ California

grew up in~ Nantic, CT

high school~ East Lyme High School

Vanessa used to play Caitlin Richards-Deschanel on the NBC daytime soap called Sunset Beach. As result of an unknown disagreement between her and the crew of Sunset Beach, Vanessa was fired sometime in the middle of May in 1998. Her last air date was June 18, 1998. As far as I have heard Vanessa is now in a lead role in a musical on the west coast.

We have all heard is that Vanessa has a great singing voice. We have even heard her sing on a December 97' Sunset Beach. Right out of high school Vanessa signed on to an over-seas tour with 5 other women to sing. She even visited the Berlin Wall 3 weeks after it had come down. Vanessa has also been in many plays/musicals. As pictured Vanessa was Liesl the 18 month tour of Sound of Music with Marie Osmond, playing Maria. In high school Vanessa played Dorothy in her school's play, and several other starring roles throughout those 4 years. She has also been in such musicals as Call Me Madame and many others.